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Using the explosion as an escape, the criminals are turned over
Chapter Twenty-Two


          To her disbelief and horror, Misty saw the broadcast of her father's death. She was startled when her phone rang. Before answering, she saw it was Joe.

         Joe began the conversation before Misty could speak, "Don't assume the worst. Your dad most likely had a plan, which is why he did what he did. He would never take a life, especially after what we went through. He will most likely show up later with another torn outfit."

         "Joe? I thought you were leaving today. Where are you?"

         "Well, right now I am only three hours away from you. I stopped for the night and was watching the nightly news when they interrupted the news with a live report from Happy Dale Mall where the hostage stand-off was located. Did you hear any of the conversations they were having? The lead terrorist specifically asked for your dad, well I mean the Defender."

         "Really? Why? I am sure if dad had a confrontation with him before, he would still be in custody."

         "I don't know Misty. Maybe he did have a run-in with your dad, but was let go for some reason. Anyway, there was a little back-and-forth banter before your dad vanished just to reappear right next to the hostages. I noticed your dad was wearing a pair of light tan leather gloves. Must have changed his outfit again. Anyway, the lead terrorist pulled the detonating switch and looked like he activated it."

         "Is that when he disappeared?" Misty asked.

         "No, well, not really," Joe began, "when the explosion didn't happen, the terrorists began shooting at the hostages. Your dad became a blur. He had to have been moving fast because, now this is just my speculation, he seemed to stop all the bullets. Well, let me think. I do remember two hostages went down to their knees but didn't appear to be mortally wounded."

         "After the last bullet was shot, your dad appeared right beside the terrorists with the Primacord wrapped around them. I have no idea how he worked so fast. Faster than the camera could keep up. I paused the news broadcast and went forward frame by frame and your dad was moving so fast, that the scene completely changed from one slide to the next. Then a short, quieter exchange took place, and then the explosion."

         "Even though the smoke dissipated quickly, there was nothing left except a hole in the ground. I'm sorry Misty."

         Misty began sobbing. She knew from what she had watched and what Joe had told her, that her dad must have perished trying to save everyone. She felt devastated that Cindy and Recca would no longer have a grandpa and she was still in shock that she saw him die on television.

         The Defender returned to Anniversary Park with the last two of the six terrorists. After running with two terrorists at a time, one under each arm, he had made sure to knock them out after arriving as he didn't need them running off if they woke up too soon.

         When the Defender got back to the mall, he noticed the explosion had caught up with his speed before he returned. He believed he had timed it just right to look like everyone blew up. He patted himself on the back after getting a pair of leather gloves to take the yellow Primacord before he tied up the terrorist. He then went back to the park and his detainees. After checking to see if the terrorists were all still unconscious, he called the Major.

         "Hello Captain...no, this isn't someone who is calling you as a prank...it is me, Defender...I can explain later...I have those terrorists who were originally away from the bomb...no, they are not dead, they are unconscious...no, I didn't blow them up. Speaking of fast, get officers to the five adjacent buildings' roofs ...why...you'll find five of the terrorists with sniper rifles...they were tired so I helped them sleep a bit...no, that's it...If you don't mind, if asked, you haven't heard from me. An anonymous caller told you about the terrorist who is in Anniversary Park and that is where you found them. If I remember right, it is five miles away from your office.'

         "Oh, one more thing. Vic Sinister admitted to killing Jim Brown and his wife. She was pregnant. You should put Vic under extra guards."

         The Captain responded, "Message received. I have sent three squad cars to the park now. The estimated time of arrival is ten minutes or so. You staying there to watch them?"

         "Yeah, I planned on it. I will be watching for any early risers. They may be happy the Police arrived because of the big, mean hero."

         "After you are done, go home to your family so they know you aren't dead. They'll be happy about that, I am sure." With that, the call ended and Defender turned invisible to watch the terrorists until they were claimed.

         What began as an uneventful flight home, turned into a reunion of sorts. When he was just a block away from Misty's house, the Defender felt a distinct pull from southwest of where he was going. It felt as if someone was trying to contact him. He changed directions and sped up.

         After homing in on the location, he felt where the summons was coming from, he expected someone would be there waiting for him. As he flew down to the ground, he turned invisible and landed. His Third eye opened, and flashed a bright green light, the brightness hurt his other two eyes, and then there was darkness.

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