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After another disturbance in the Collective, the Old One must find Jaz.
Chapter Forty-One


500 Cycles A.E.          

         Jaz was not here.

         With the realization Jaz was missing, he instantly brought his barriers up. This meant the disappearances had happened again. While in the emptiness, he knew he felt the psychic wave again. He thought he would be the only one affected. He did not realize it would be a planet-wide event again.

         He briefly widened his focus to the surrounding area to determine if anything else had changed. He did not notice anything and went on. He then began to probe the minds of the citizens of Lewr, the closest city. He felt the presence of familiar minds. None of them experienced any known time fluctuation. He chose a few at random and checked their memories for missing information. After he started, he suddenly realized if there were time fluctuations, they would not remember. He hastily removed his probing and returned to his body.

         After becoming aware of his surroundings, he decided to go out and explore the surrounding for changes. After leaving the cave, he looked around to see if anything had changed. After spending some time searching, he could see nothing had been altered.

         He then decided to reach out to Elder Sopite, one of his most loyal Elders. He would need to mask his identity as Sopite did not know he was alive. To Sopite, he would appear as an Old One petitioning for advice.

         Elder Sopite, are you available" the Old One sent. After a pause, an answer came back. Yes Old One, I am free now. What is it you need?

         I am on a pilgrimage to become more enlightened. While meditating, I felt a disturbance in the Collective. Has anything happened that you are aware of?

         Well, besides a new Supreme High One that has been discovered, nothing has changed that we know of. What is it you are seeking?

         The Old One did not hear anything after a new Supreme High One was discovered. His mind began to race. How is this possible? Only after the death of the old Supreme High One can a new one grow and detach. Was this caused by the wave he felt?"

         Old One? Are you listening to me? I asked what was wrong as you became silent. Have you not received word of the new Supreme High One? Allow me to provide what we know. She was found wandering alone near Lewr. She did not know how she got there or where she had been. After the Elders did a mind and memory probe, it was determined she had not been tutored, however, possessed enormous strength and possibility. Two of the Elders, Limlg, and Veez, have offered to become her tutors until she is an adult.

         The Old One recognized the names as two Elders who were allowed to become Elders because of their greed and intolerance of the citizens they represented. I was led to believe there were designated tutors to accomplish this. From what I remember, you were assigned this responsibility by the previous Supreme High One. Was not the other Elder named Elder Vers? I heard he was a trusted advisor of the previous Supreme High One as well.

         Elder Vers became One with the Plant many cycles ago. His wisdom and patience are still missed. You are right, I was an ally to the previous Supreme High One. Unfortunately, the Elders voted that Limlg and Veet were to become advisors to the new Supreme High One. As I told the Elders, I believe that was a mistake because the chosen two have their agenda that not all of the other Elders agree on.

         Thank you for speaking with me. I know your time is valuable. The citizens are Blessed to have you speak for them, the Old One commended.

         I thank you for your Blessing. May the Spirit of the Essence always flow through you.

         The Old One severed the link with Sopite. He kept his barriers up as he knew the Elder would trace who he was speaking with to determine if it had been a trap. He felt the whisper of the probe going against his barriers and false memories. He was not concerned. Elder Sopite was certainly experienced, maybe the best of the current Elders, but he could not break the barrier of the Supreme High One.

         After the probe was severed, the Old One began a probe of Limlg and Veez. He wanted to see if they have changed or were the same.

         He began to open a conduit to the Collective to increase his essence and increase his barrier strength. He concealed his probe and began to reach out to the Elders. As he proceeded to gain access to the inner thoughts of the Elders, he noticed their barriers were only partially enabled, making access much easier. This also raised a red flag as he suspected a trap. He proceeded with caution as he went through the barriers. He immediately noticed the information behind the barriers was falsely planted information. He expected as much. He quickly moved to a deeper, much more secure memory. This is what he may have been looking for.

         As he bypassed all of the barriers with experience, he arrived at the actual memory. It was a conversation between Limig and Veez.

         Are you certain the new Supreme Old One has not been tutored? questioned Veez.

         Yes, yes, I am certain. I and two other Elders joined forces to look into her mind. It showed a blank slate as far as being tutored. She did, however, have an innate barrier defense that kicked us out after we entered.

         Does she already know how to create innate barriers? She sounds as powerful as the Old Supreme High One. Are you certain we can sway her in our direction? Her mind already sounds formidable.
         Trust me, we will have this one under our control. We will be controlling what happens here from now on. I believe the Young One, Jaz, will be helpless to stop us.

         Did he just say Jaz was the new Supreme High One?

         The Old One cursed the anomaly.          And he cursed himself for going when he knew something like this could occur. Again, he was the cause of something bad. At one time, he prided himself on learning from his mistakes.

         As he was getting ready to go to the palace to try and help Jaz, he decided to try and reach out to her. He began to gather his essence and placed a Collectively enhanced barrier. He did not know how much Jaz had at her disposal.

         When he joined the Collective, he began to search for her. At first, he could not locate her because he didn't know what her new essence felt like. He then thought about using the essence he did recognize. He reached into his memory to bring forth her essence of when he first met, and the essence of his last communication with her. He then again reached out to find a contact.

         His search was soon answered. He found her; however, her essence was different from his last contact. He remembered she was inexperienced with using any of her powers of telepathy and telekinesis. As he drew closer to her essence, he noticed limited barriers had been placed. He knew this was all she knew how to do.

         He then broadened his awareness around her to determine if Limdg and Veez were watching and listening to her. He soon discovered they were, and they were not hiding it. They were sending a warning to all those who would either contact her or try and attempt to gather information secretively.

         He was infuriated. He was upset at himself for what he had done, and angry with the two Elders trying to control her. He almost sent a message to Limdg and Veez to inform them he was the real Supreme High One and they were being terminated.

         He stopped short of carrying it through. He needed to contact her and that is what needed to be done. He easily worked around the Elder's energy barriers and their contact with Jaz. He accomplished this by creating a false impression of Jaz's thoughts and memories. He placed it into his mind so he could monitor their essence and probing.

         After being in place, he reached out to Jaz.

         Good day, Supreme High One. I am an Old One who wishes to speak with you. Can you hear me?

         There was silence for a brief moment and then Jaz responded, Please, call me Jaz. I am not the Supreme High One. He passed many cycles ago.

         As you wish Jaz. I am uncertain if you remember me. I used to be your tutor. I found you in the city of Lewr. You were deaf and I fixed it for you. We traveled as I was tutoring you.

         I am sorry, but I do not have any knowledge of what you are saying, except the part about being deaf. How did you find out? Did you probe my mind? Two Elders taught me how to construct an impenetrable barrier.

         Whoever taught you how to construct a barrier did not teach you well. Your barrier is very weak and could not withstand a novice probe.

         Are you experienced with reading thoughts and looking into memories? asked the Old One.

         I was told I have not touched my advanced powers. I was not tutored because no one wanted to tutor me. All I received were individuals probing me without my permission and then leaving. They were abusive when they spoke with me. Some even went as far as to inflict me with some type of energy to hurt me.

         If I may ask, what is the color of your skin?

         The Smell of Rock. Why do you ask?

         All Supreme High Ones have the rarest color, the Highest Peak of the Mountain. How were you contacted by the Elders?

         I was found roaming around lost trying to find someone to help me. As I know a little about the Collective and using my powers, I was deemed too close to adulthood by the Old Ones.

         How was your deafness taken care of?

         I remember once meeting an Old One cycles ago. He was a kind and gentle Old One. He stated he could fix my hearing. I seemed to know he was an Old One I could trust. He placed me to sleep and reversed the injury. For a while after, I felt better.

         I lost all memory of my past until Limdg and Veez found me and looked into my memory. They stated an Old One offered to tutor me, but I advised him I did not need to be tutored by an Old One because I would be trained by them. So I stayed where I was until they came and got me. I regret doing so.

         How did Limdg and Veez find you?

         They came to my city and probed the minds of all the Young Ones. They stated I was their chosen one because my mind was a clean slate, whatever that meant, and I would be easy to tutor. So far, I have not received any help with my abilities.

         The Old One decided to attempt something tricky. It wouldn't be difficult to accomplish. However, Jaz could easily contact the Elders if she did not believe what she saw and learned.

         Jaz, he began, I wish to share with you memories I have. They are of you. At one time, I was your tutor. We did much traveling together. You were beyond any other Young One, and some young adult's experience and knowledge. You used and interacted with the Collective, and strong barriers gathered your essence and stored it.

         Why are you teasing me? I have not wronged you.

         Please, allow me to show you my memories of you. Because these are about you, you will feel the same emotions you had then. That is something I cannot do or control. With that, the Old One connected to Jaz's essence and memories.

         He started when they first met. He included the conversation he had with her, the healing of her ears, and the request for the Old One to be her tutor. As he was showing her the memories, tears formed in the corners of her eyes. He replayed the conversations and stories he shared with her. He then included the places she saw. After he finished, Jaz was silent.

         Are you alright, Jaz?

         You used to call me 'Young One', Jaz stated.

         Yes, I did because I was your tutor. Do you remember anything else? the Old One inquired.

         I had powers. I could control them and build very strong barriers. You were right, I was advanced because of my skills and your tutoring. I still remember you are the Supreme High One but do not want any others to know.

         Yes, I am the Supreme High One. When I was repairing your ears, you were open to exploring my mind. That is where you discovered my true identity.

         I also remember I could talk with you like this and we had many good conversations this way.

         You are correct. What else do you remember? Do you know where Limdg and Veez found you and what occurred?

         Yes, my memory is becoming quite easy to access now. Two Old Ones discovered me walking around in the desert near Lewr. They contacted some Elders, Limdg and Veez, because they followed their teachings. I remember one of the Old Ones gave me something to consume. That is all I remember until today. How did you find out I was here?

         It was announced a new Supreme High One was discovered and was at the palace. Through our past connections, I used the Collective in aiding me to find you.

         I just remembered how I was found and what happened to me. You were going to the place the color of One with the Planet to try and discover what was happening there. Once you were there, all communication stopped. You advised if I needed you, I would need to send you a message.

         I left the cave and began exploring the area. The crystal formations were quite stunning and I lost track of the time. When I was away from the cave. I noticed a darkening above the crystal mountain and your cave. It seemed to be the color of One with the Planet. As I watched, the size appeared to shrink and then stop, and then shrink and stop again. It was then I was knocked backward. I did not remember who I was or where I was. I began to walk on an established path.

         It was only a short walk before two Old Ones found me. After talking with them, they advised me I needed to talk to an Elder by the name of Limdg. I do not remember much after that until you woke my memory and restored my powers. Thank you

         Let's go back to where you were thrown backward. Did you feel any presence, or consciousness that someone, or something, was controlling or attacking you?

         Not from my memory. I just felt dizzy and then was contacted by the Old Ones. I am sorry I do not remember more.

         There is no shame in announcing you do not remember. I have an idea of how to get you out of there without notice. Do you remember the story of Eternity?

         Oh, yes, I do.

         With your help, I will transport you to my location. We first must combine our energies and open a conduit to the Collective.

         The Old One felt the power building within Jaz. She was using the same technique as he used. He soon was contacted by Jaz.

         I believe I am ready. I feel like I am unstoppable with our powers combined. Oh my. I can now sense your true power. It feels overwhelming. You have opened up to me on different occasions. But now you seem to have tripled what normally could do. Why is that? Were you not showing me your true potential?

         I feel the power as you described it. I have never felt this way before. It is an overwhelming sensation. As you said, I feel like I can do anything. We can explore this new sensation when you get here. Just follow my lead and focus on me. Here we go.

         As the Old One focused on Jaz, he imagined her being beside him. While sensing, he discovered he had more than enough energy to teleport Jaz to him. He sensed he had much more essence and was not near his full capacity. He linked Jaz to his essence and began the teleportation.          

         Here we go. The Old One released all the energy at once. He felt it drain into the power of teleportation of Jaz to him. What would normally take a cycle will only take Esuoms.

         Right after he released the energy, Jaz appeared. This is not how it normally works. The transportation process is very difficult to master and drains the essence. He felt as if he just moved a tiny crystal shard a small distance from where it was. During the teleportation process, he felt the process did not alter his reserves. The energy must have come out of Jaz's energies.

          Jaz was as startled by her being there as the Old One was. She just released her power to the Old One and could not even blink before she arrived. She did notice something very strange. The amount of her essence that was to be used for the teleportation process was the same as before she left. It was not used to fuel the process.

         Thank you, Jaz for the energy you provided. The teleportation process went very well. Better than I expected. None of my previous teleportations worked as quickly as this one. Simultaneous transportation had never occurred.

         My energy was not used for the teleportation process. This came solely from you, advised Jaz.

         How is that possible? I never possessed that much energy to transport you here by myself, began the Old One, are you positive I did not take any energy? Maybe I put a strain on the Collective's energy. I need to look into that. He then opened a small window into the Collective expecting to view panicked individuals. What he found was peace. Nothing happened. He heard conversations, none of which were discussing a power surge or drain.

         That cannot be. There was a tremendous surge. There had to be to instantly teleport you here from that distance. Tell me again what you felt.

         Jaz looked quizzically at the Old One. What was the big deal about how she got there? She was sure he was making more out of this than he should. I remember you contacting me that the process was going to begin. Then I was here. I did not provide any assistance for the teleport.

         And it felt like I did not release my energy, The Old One added, I must think about this. Could someone else have assisted in the teleport that neither one of us noticed? That is highly unlikely.

         That or you are becoming a truly Supreme High One, Jaz offered.

         The Old One did not believe he could have done the teleportation alone. Something like that required a tremendous amount of power and collected Essence. He again went within his mind to find anyone's assistance with the teleportation. After careful scanning, he did not see anyone could have gotten past his barriers. He felt he knew the answer but refused to believe it.

         Old One?

         He knew he was capable of feats others could not do; however, he didn't think he was that powerful. He could not remember any stories of past Supreme Ones being able to accomplish this by themselves. What does this mean, he pondered.

         Old One?

         There had to be a rational explanation for this. He decided he needed to tap into whatever power he had and try to duplicate the teleport. But, who should he teleport and how would he explain what happened to them?"

         Old One!

         The Old One was pulled out of his thoughts when he finally heard Jaz's call. What do you need Young One? I was busy with my thoughts.

         You have been standing there for over three Relffs without moving. What had captivated your attention for so long? Were you in contact with the place the color of One with the Planet again? If so, did you feel any Time Anomalies?

         Sorry, Young One. No, I was merely in deep thought regarding your teleportation. I still question how it occurred with no one's assistance. I am in the mind to attempt another teleportation to test your theory. I have the perfect place to teleport us without anyone watching.

         Where is that? Are we going back to the palace? I would like to demonstrate my true powers to the Elders who held me against my will.

         We can act upon that once we get to the cave. From here, no one will see us vanish and no one will be at the cave to see us appear.

         Did you tell us? Will we be teleporting together?

         Yes, I want to experience what you do. We will create a teleportation window from here and go through it together," the Old One stated, tell me when you are ready.

         I am ready now. As I stated, I have not used any of my Essence so I can aid in doing this.

         Good, we can proceed. Take note of how I do this so you may learn it and create your own someday. Here we go.

         The Old One opened his conduit with the Collective after his barriers were in place. He felt Jaz's Essence and began to connect them to create the teleportation window. When this was ready, he visualized the cave and was there.

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