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by Paki
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Detective · #2285536
two siblings on a life adventure to discover purpose, but life has unique ways of testing.
The two brothers wake to a lovely beautiful day, as they greet the day they wipe the sleepers out of there eyes and uncover themselves and get out of the truck and lock the door before they close it. They walk over to a house on the other side of the street, one of the brothers takes keys out of his pocket and unlocks the back gate and they close it as they walk in.

They fully walk into the backyard now, they see a patio table with four seats, they walk over and sit in two and they wait and enjoy the rays of the early morning sun. They hear a door open and some shuffling over by the back stair, then pitter patter of flip flops on concreate. "Good morning young sir!" the older brother said to the middle aged gentleman who just came outside. He looking half died still due to it being around eight o'clock "good morning Uncle Bucky, how are you today?" He looks over to both of them as he sits down in the chair across from the on the right side with a smile. "waters should be done boiling y'all can make coffee, when you head in make me one also please?" as he finishes with another smile.
"I got you unc, you want anything else?" "No just the coffee and maybe you can make breakfast later?" and ends with another smile as he looks over at us. "Yes sir, what would thou like?" "oh nothing much, but maybe some French toast some eggs and hash brown and maybe four slices of turkey bacon and maybe another cup of coffee to go with it. please?" as he smiles kindly and happy with his puffy eyes of hazel overlapped with the droopiness of his lids.
"Yes young sir ill prepare a good breakfast, and i brought you an early morning breakfast surprise!" I turn to my younger brother "Can you prep three coffees for us young sir?" He nods as he walks to the back door and up the stairs and I turn and head back to sit by my uncle as i hear the door close. I make my way over to him and sit next to him, he's still smiling "So what you bring an old man?" I reach into my pocket and pull out to pack of cigarettes and three prerolls, and slide it over to him on the glassy table. His smile now expensing teeth.
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