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This creature is just so glad to be alive
The Thankful Scarecrow

This living being was once only a thought in his creator's mind.

Today, however, he is very much alive and glad to be here.

Also, his owner was no longer sad but glad because of him.

The creator had love and friendship in mind when he was made.

This was the kind of friendship his creator couldn't otherwise find.

The creator chose to make him and be his friend.

This was not fake, it was love and friendship.
This was a real chance to love and be loved.

Because his creator believed in him and dreamed of him, he was never so alive.
Because he was created with a purpose you see to be in a relationship with his creator.

He was wanted, created, and here in this new world.
Billy was his name, a good strong, and proud name.
He knew he was uniquely made and put together, stitch by stitch and thread by thread.
He knew he was of perfect design and no mistakes were made which made him feel just great.

You, girls and boys, have a creator you were meant to have a relationship with.
Your being here is no mistake and he loves you dearly.
He created you with so much love, your great creator is God.
So I hope you are grateful just like the scarecrow for this life you have been given.
You are so perfect just the way you are.

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