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Stopping Time

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Sam Adams was a mad scientist, obsessed with inventing the time machine. He needed to go back in time five years ago and stop time for a few minutes so he could prevent his wife from being the victim of a shopping mall shooter. He finally had a workable prototype and made plans to go back in time to kill Hitler, prevent the JFK assassination and prevent the crucifixion of Jesus, and bring Jesus back to our time where he was desperately needed.

But first things first. He had to rescue his wife. He studied all the footage and media accounts of the shopping mall massacre which was the biggest massacre in US history. A gang of white supremacists went to a shopping mall that was frequented by minorities in Oakland, California, determined to start a race war and the civil war.

When they got to the mall, they went into the mall shooting minorities, and then for good measure blew up the mall with a truck bomb before disappearing into the nearby BART station which had kept running. It took 10 minutes to kill 200 people from the shooting and hundreds from the bombing.

The civil war and race war never materialized as the public was so disgusted at their actions that serious gun reforms were put into place, and leaders all over the country denounced their actions.

But his beloved wife was still dead.

He set the time for 30 minutes before the start of the carnage. He would find his wife and get her out of there before the shooting started. He knew where she was when she was shot, standing outside a Korean grocery store. He would also alert the store security and local police bringing pictures of the shooters and video of the carnage with him.

He managed to get to the store in time, found his wife, and told the security guards what he knew and showed them videotapes of the carnage about to occur then he froze time for ten minutes and got out of the shopping mall and to her car before resuming time.

The security guards recovered and were debating what to do and alerted the Oakland police and said that they had an active tip that active shooters were enroute to the mall. The shooters seeing the police activity went on to target a local high school which was mostly minorities. They shot up the school and killed 10 children but were shot and killed by the police before they could inflict more damage. The police had gone on high alert as Sam had told them that the killers had alternative targets in mind including a local school.

The local papers and television were all aghast at the news, especially at the mysterious stranger who had appeared warning the security staff and leaving behind a video purporting to show a mass shooting event that they averted as the shooters went elsewhere.

The headlines screamed

“Man from the future averted mass shooting event”

Sam smiled and framed the headline in his office. He then told his colleagues about how he prevented a mass shooting event and saved his wife, and prepared to launch “Operation Kill Hitler.”

His wife had aged five years in just minutes and was shocked by the events that had transpired but was glad to be alive and living in the future. She particularly liked having a cute male robot servant, whom she was convinced was flirting with her and she liked the attention! But she was jealous of the female robot servant whom she was convinced was flirting with her husband. Life in the future was getting interesting.

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