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A poem about being friends with a narcissist.
This is your world and I am just existing
Hidden in the background like I am almost missing
You play with my heart
And send my head swimming
This is no way of living.

You throw around I love You's
Like it will cure all Things
I just can't with you at this moment
Your words are hurting me

Being friends with you is like poison
Found in the bottom of the jug
It burns and scolds me
This is not real love

Fighting a battle between my head and my heart
Yet when you call me up
Say you need me
I just show up

I will hate myself tomorrow
Because I just give in
It is easier to say I am sorry
Even if I did nothing to begin with

I continue to let you use me
I continue to still care
All the broken promises
Yet I am still here

It is a vicious cycle
One I can not stop
I find that I am stuck
And you tied the knot

You use my past against me
You bring up my dead mom
Yet you still say I love you
And act like nothing is wrong

I know that my heart loves you
But my mind is starting to see
that you are the problem
It was never really me!!
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