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Love is found in both women and nature. The kingdom of God's free Earth is in this poem.
In the air blowing through the sky
Is a love that sparkles way up high

In the trees is a feeling of awe
A love that inspires for me to want more

Above the clouds in the bright blue sky
The sun shines honestly, higher and higher

Among tiny rain drops, love can be found
Flowers grow softly and make no sound

Green fields and rivers be the setting of love
In these romantic gestures I see a dove

Come see the wild, vivid and true
God made a world for just me and you

A blanket of peace lay across the land
Come to me sweet pea and take my hand

The moon shines silvery, shadows at night
Enhancing a love in all its might

The love of a woman and the love of nature
Is a poets dream and a readers savior

In all my years as writer of freedom
I cast my love over this Godly kingdom

So let there be love, peace and happiness
In the valley of wilderness, love is blessed.
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