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What is the sound of two hands clasping? What is the sound of two hearts beating as one?
Lim heard the morning train to Bangkok rumbling south-bound as he stood on the balcony with his instant coffee still steaming. 08:20. Time to wake Pond so he could jog before going to work.

While Pond jogged Lim checked in on-line. His boss had e-mailed that his last project was satisfactory and ...could he start a new one tomorrow?

He celebrated by following Pond into the shower when he got back. He didn't mind that the water was only lukewarm.

After dressing, the taste of Pond's lips lingered as Lim lead the way to the elevator. He felt rested and cheerful for some reason. Pond just smiled back and chuckled, squeezing his hand.

As they passed the smoker's gazebo, Lim raised his free hand to wave. His shirt sleeve was pink. It was Tuesday. He nodded at the gardeners who were watering, adding the fragrance of wet tea leaves to the flowering jasmine, creating puddles for the small blue flutterbies to sip.

What is the sound of two hands clasping if not an echo of two hearts beating?

Pond, noting the change in Lim, hummed a few notes.

They nodded at Sato-san on their way through Mill Place to take the bridge over Posri Road, never glancing towards the scene of yesterday's nightmare. Pond was hungry for khao pad kra pao .

Sato-san turned at the 7-11 and walked to the nearby hospital. His neighbor was still sleeping peacefully as he sat down beside her.

Soon he heard a soft voice inside his head. My programming worked better than expected. I got your note. Thank you. Our task here is complete.

His neighbor opened her eyes, smiled, then closed them again.

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