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The funeral of the last human.
Little over a month has passed,
The Earth laments humanity's final act
And offers its own flowers, sad and sparse
Where footsteps once trod, now there's only lack.

The Earth now plays its own melody
Without human noise, pure and serene
Wind sways the leaves with gentle harmony
Raindrops join in, completing the scene.

The warmth of humans is long gone
Their memories lost, their stories untold
The writing, unread, will soon be gone
No language to decipher, all secrets unfold.

Would it be nice to linger on
As a ghost in this green paradise
Feeling the warmth of a shining sun
Seeing a world so alive and wise?

This is the end, no human sight
Shall see beyond the veil of life
Imagination, our only flight
To a place beyond, a world so rife.

Goodbye, our home, we gave our all
Every feeling we felt, belonged to thee
Even in death, you have a place for all
Your embrace a refuge, for eternity.

Perhaps my feelings were never my own
But yours, my every step, a dance
Guided by you, dust flying, gracefully flown
In stillness or movement, swaying in trance.

Will you welcome the new eyes that see
As kindly as you did to me before?
I guess I'll never know, for I shall sleep
But in dreams, I'll love you evermore.

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