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Another poem about love, but being a bird lover myself, I had to include a bird in it ;)
You're a sweet,
I always greet
You're an over-heat,
You raise my heartbeat
A lovely treat,
I can never mistreat
I'm obsolete,
You're always discreet
I maybe incomplete,
But I always compete

You always smile,
As we compile
Your lifestyle,
Is my profile
Your hairstyle,
I give a percentile
With you,
It's versatile
With you,
It's worthwhile

You can dance,
Such a romance
You can prance,
You came from France

For me, you can lance
I can stance and finance
I can enhance and expanse
For you, I can never askance

You make a joke,
I'm a slowpoke
You always evoke,
I can never provoke
You always poke,
And never revoke
I'm a townsfolk,
You my masterstroke
Stand together,
Strong as oak trees
Command together,
We rule over land,
And the seas

You can track,
I can attack
You can try to wrack,
I'll cut you some slack
You can get falsified,
I'll have you glorified
You can fly like a butterfly,
That, I can never demystify
You can be gratified,
As I say my Goodbye
For you, I can die,
Singing a lullaby
You can fly and sky-high
And I can be your hawkeye.

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