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Slice-of-life or contemporary fiction story
The alarm clock jolted Mary awake, its insistent buzzing the only sound in the otherwise silent apartment. She groaned and reached out a hand to slap the snooze button, already feeling the weight of the long day ahead. But as her fingers touched the cool plastic, she hesitated.

She had always been a night owl, preferring to stay up late and sleep in as long as possible. But lately, she had found herself waking up earlier and earlier, unable to resist the allure of the quiet morning hours. There was something peaceful about the world at this time, when the rest of the city was still asleep and the only sounds were the soft chirping of birds outside her window.

Mary made a split-second decision and swung her legs out of bed, her feet hitting the cold floor with a shiver. She padded to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, then pulled on a warm sweatshirt and stepped out onto the balcony.

The air was crisp and refreshing, and Mary breathed it in deeply as she leaned against the railing and looked out at the city below. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting a golden glow over the buildings and streets. Mary closed her eyes and listened to the birdsong, feeling a sense of calm wash over her.

She knew that the day ahead would be full of stress and responsibilities, but for now, in this moment, everything was perfect. Mary smiled to herself and took another deep breath, grateful for this small moment of peace before the chaos of the day began.
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