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Never need to look for a reason to show gratitude!
2023, a Year for Gratitude

The year of gratitude is well on its way!
Being thankful for what God has already done is a step in the right direction.
Too often, we do not remember His goodness during our good times.
Indeed, we take His generosity for entitlement until we are in need or trouble.
Lead this year with every day being a reason to show God gratitude

Gratitude for friends and family.
Gratitude for every breath you take.
Gratitude for living in a Country where you can openly worship God.
Gratitude for food and shelter
Gratitude for all bodily functions working reasonably well.
Gratitude for another opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life!
Remember today, charity (love) begins at home, i.e., with you, yourself, and then spreads abroad.
It’s a good day to wrap yourself in love.

Feel free to add your gratitude.
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