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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2288712
Older sister confronts younger sister about deceased mother's Will.
Where There’s a Will…
WC 297

Estranged sisters, Olivia and Susan are in a heated argument in their recently deceased mother’s kitchen.

Olivia, the older sister, pushes off from the table, toppling the oak chair. “This isn’t over yet!”

“Oh?” Susan says.


The younger sister pushes the Will across the table. “This speaks for itself.”

“Whose words fill the pages, Susan?”


Olivia had driven their mother to the attorney five months earlier to get the matriarch’s wishes finalized—while the woman still had her wits about her.

“Mother had dementia when you took her to that shyster lawyer.”

“Prove it, Olivia!”

“I am Executor, not you. I own this home, not you.”

“Prove it!”

“You were to receive half of her savings! Nothing more!”

“Can you prove that?”

“You were a horrible daughter!”

“Your opinion, Olivia?”

“Mother told the attorney when he recorded her wishes.”

Susan tapped on the document. “By law, this is the Last Will and Testament of our mother.”

“This isn’t over yet!”

“Show yourself out.”


“Before I call the police.”

“You will burn in Hell!”

“That may be, Olivia. But until then…”

Olivia backed through the living room, to the front door. All the memories of her mother flashed before her as she studied the contents of the room.

“This isn’t over yet,” she said as she backed out of the house and hurried to her car.

“Buh-bye,” Susan said to the closed door.

Olivia drove toward her mother’s attorney’s office. She would undo this travesty.

But, can I?

The bogus Will was notarized. Her mother was lying in a casket six feet under.

Well, I must try!

Olivia pressed down on the accelerator, not noticing the car on the cross street running the red light.

This isn’t over yet!

Or perhaps it is, sweet Olivia.
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