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by Malex
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This is a fanfiction story about interviewing some of the famous anime characters.
The Anime Interviewer


Narrator: “After so many years of working hard and trying to reach his goal and fought the greatest obstacles in his life and made it through, even though he was humiliated and ashamed of his ideas, work, and of himself”.

The narrator was talking in a sarcasm way about this person and making fun of him. Then a person was listening to the narrator and cut him off by saying.

Person: “Hey you. Are you talking about me?”.

The person was angered from the narrator and questioned him with an aggressive way.

Narrator: “No. I am talking about someone else don’t worry.”

The narrator replied while trying to calm the unknown person.

Person: “Is that so? Then be careful of what you say. It can be misunderstood.”

Narrator: “I understand. Back to the point, this person has finally been able to achieve his goal. That goal is to become an anime character interviewer, which is basically its nothing of big deal and it just like any other interviewer in the real world but this one is in the anime world and it’s kind of lame.”

-The same person stopped the narrator again and spoke.

Person: “You said you weren’t talking about me?”

With more frustrated look on him than before.

Narrator: “Yeah, I am not talking about you. Why do you think I am talking about you?!”

Person: “I don’t know. Isn’t it because I am the only guy here that works as an interviewer and the guy that came up with the idea?”

This person replied to the narrator getting even more frustrated and the narrator was not able to find an excuse for himself, and thought he was hiding the truth that he was actually talking about this person.

Narrator: “OK. Calm down Jez. I admit I was talking about you. I am sorry I won’t repeat it again.”

Person: “Apology accepted this time and stop talking shit about me. You know that I am sitting right next you and can hear what you’re saying. I am not sure how you didn’t notice that.”

The interviewer gave the narrator a warning and started to calm down.

Narrator felt ashamed and continued.

Narrator: “Let’s go back to where we left of. **Ahem**, but he finally reached his goal, and we really don’t care either way, but this should tell you that you can achieve whatever goal you have in mind no matter how stupid it is, and don’t be a lazy like sloth and shut-in like bat in the cave. They are not really the best metaphor, but I wanted to say them.”

The narrator tried to even put even more sarcasm about the interviewer and to give a metaphor to him looks cool.

Interviewer: “Why did I recommend this narrator to do my introduction? He is pissing me off from the get-go.”

The interviewer questioned himself with a confused expression and frustration on him.

-The narrator continues and spoke

Narrator: “and so, our story of this lame anime interviewer starts.”

The narrator left.

Interviewer: “Guys I am very sorry about this narrator and let the show begin for my anime.”

-With this the show was about to begin but from a far the narrator talks back to the interviewer and said:

Narrator: “You are still as childish as ever”.

Then the interviewer turned his head behind him where the narrator was walking away from the studio and looked at him and went sprinting to him to kick his ass, but his feet slipped on a banana fell to the ground with loud **thud** that can be heard in the studio. The interviewer spoke with a lowered voice while in pain “It hurts”.

The narrator started laughing and asked the interviewer if he is fine.

He answered “Yes, I am ok. I will try to be more clam so that my ass doesn’t get kicked, I forgot that when I get angry something always bad happen to me to stop me.”

While the interviewer is in frustration, a disappointment on his face can be seen that he was not able to get his revenge on the narrator. The other staff members in the studio said: “Let the anime start”. While they are all laughing at the interviewer, but this laugh is not like the laugh of bully, it is the laugh that you have when you and your friends make fun of each other.

Interviewer: “The show still didn’t be…”.

To his surprise it has just began. Then instantly pops back to the anime without letting the interviewer finish the sentence.
Episode 1:

-In some unknown place around the world there is mysterious building where interviews happen. These interviews they are not like any other interviews. These interviews they are made with some of the popular anime characters or probably popular, it doesn’t matter, but the important thing is these interviews are made with anime characters that might be one of your favorite characters who knows. There, lies a mysterious person, this person is the first interviewer that was able to come to the anime world and invites these characters.

*Spotlights turned on*. They pointed to a place where you can hear the steps of a person coming out from the darkness of the hallway.

The announcer of the studio started introducing this mysterious person.

Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to our studio and thank you for joining us today. Today we have brought someone very interesting and it’s the first person in the anime world to achieve this, even though his personality all over the place and thinks that he made something useful, but I am not sure if he did. Well, either way he is the person that we have hired, and we might come to regret it later. Everybody please welcome the not popular anime interviewer his name is MALEX.”

This person slowly became visible from the hall until he reached the lights. What was visible in the light is a young man with formal dressing where his whole appearance appeared colored in sky blue, or you can say the cyan color.

-The interviewer named Malex finally became visible on the spotlights.

The fireworks started shooting.

His uniform was reflecting the lights and shining. His posture it can be describe as someone who has a great confidence in himself and as someone who has complete mental stability. His physical body can be described as your average person from a far, but if you get closer you will notice his muscles looks firm like an iron. His hair is cleanly cropped with swept back style, and its color can be described as dark chestnut. His thick eyebrow was an issue for him, but later he came to love it and his eyebrow now gets scary when he is in bad mood. His nose was broken in accident but now it looks as if nothing had happened to it. He has the fresh faced look on him. On his left hand there is burn scar that looks more than a decade old. His face looks cleanly shaved as if he went to a very professional barber and styled as circle beard style.

He waves to the viewers whom they started clapping their hands on his arrival.

The interviewer whispered in low tone “What’s up with these announcer and narrator they don’t know how to do a proper introduction for god’s sake”. **sigh** with deep sigh.

Then says:

Malex: “Thank you so much for having me today at your studio, even though your introduction about me was bad but its ok. My name is Malex and from the real world. Today let’s talk about our guest for our first episode in this program. Our program is also going to have different sessions and some entertainment activity. You might want to buckle up and take your seat. Before we talk about our guest today, I need to clarify for our dear viewers about the interviews, they will be done in a separate session and for each session we grouped some of the characters that have connection together and split them to different session but don’t worry later after the interview they will be able to meet each other at the party if they want to. Now we got that out of the way, the anime characters that we are going to meet today they are from an old anime that we have watched back in the day in 2002. It was released on 3rd of October 2002 and finished on 13th of March 2017. This anime got even more popular in the whole world over the period of 15 years. IT IS CALLED Naruto Shippuden. Everyone please welcome our guests for the first interview session. They are Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyūga, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Legendary Sennin Jiraiya and finally Tsunade”

-The interviewer introduced the anime characters guests with an excitement and the viewers were clapping with enthusiasm.

They all came out together from the entrance of the studio and with a loud cheering from the fans.

The Interviewer welcomed them and invited them to sit on the chairs.

Malex: “Welcome everyone to our studio and thank you very much for coming all the way here. We really appreciate it.”

Naruto: “No problem, you know.”

Hinata: “Thank you for having us today.”

Sakura: “Your welcome. Thank you for inviting us.”

Sasuke: “Thanks for the invite.”

Kakashi: “We appreciate your invite”

Jiraiya: “Thanks”

Tsunade: “Yeah, yeah.”

Tsunade was not that excited about the interview.

Might Guy: “Thanks for the invite”.

Malex: “Let’s start our interview. Are you ready guys?”

Everyone: “Yes.”

Malex: “For the opening question. How do you guys feel about the long journey of the series Naruto Shippuden was it good/bad?”.

Naruto: “I feel like it was a really long and good ending, and I had a lot of fun with the other characters, you know.”

-Naruto said with an excited smile on his face.

Hinata: “I loved the journey it has its hardship and its fun times. It was a beautiful ending and the last episode in the marriage was very funny and a lot of funny things happened. ** giggles** one of them is Naruto being shy and screwing the scene and being drunk every time.”

Hinata teased Naruto while talking about his screw up in the marriage.

Naruto: “Oi, Hinata please don’t embarrass me.”

Naruto got embarrassed while remembering what he did in the marriage party.

Sakura: “It was really an amazing and fun journey. We had a lot of fun during the making of series and of course not everything was fun there were some hardships along the way. It is also thanks to everyone that supported us during the journey that we were able to finish the series. We are thankful for all of you.”

Sasuke: “It was great journey that taught us a lot.”

Kakashi: “I enjoyed the journey even though it was tiring. I did learn a lot of things during the 15-year period. You know the saying everything has beginning and an ending, so the series was good from start to finish.”

Jiraiya: “I died early in the series, but I think it was a fun journey for all of us.”

Tsunade: “Yeah just as they said the journey was fun.”


Jiraiya: “That hurt.”

Tsunade punched Jiraiya for staring at her chest. While Jiraiya screaming in pain.

Tsuande: “I told you to stop staring at my chest.”

Jiraiya: “You never said it, it’s the first time I am hearing it.”

Talking while his cheek is swollen from the punch.

Tsuande: “Well now you heard it.”

Jiraiya frustrated of the unfairness, but he knows he deserved this punch. So, he stopped looking for the time being.

Might Guy: “The journey was full of youthful people and people with ambitions. I was having fun teaching people taijutsu so yes that’s it for me.”

As usual Guy is doing his posture while smiling and doing the thumbs up posture while his teeth are shining.

Everyone answers were with happy faces and beautiful smiles on their face.

Malex: “Next up the question is about suicides, the mental state of the people and shut-in cases in the real world. Nowadays a lot of people especially teenagers are being obsessed with some of the characters on TV shows such as anime, movies, and a lot of other stuff. And there are a lot of people don’t have self-confidence and a lot of suicides are happening. So, what advice do you have for the people about that?”

The narrator in a matter of seconds changed the interviews question to serious questions converted the whole mood in the interview and the interviewer facial expression changed swiftly to an expression of a poker face.

Naruto: “Jeez man you instantly changed the mood in the interview to seriousness. Well, have fun watching it and doing cosplay but don’t overdo it though, for example don’t be a shut-in or start being obsessed with your favorite character or any person that you admire that’s a big mistake that you do, because your life will be controlled by this thing that you are obsessed with. You might start hurting your family and other people, but most importantly than that you will hurt yourself at the end. Don’t forget that most of it is fiction and even if it is not fiction, you should always be aware of what you were doing. Everyone just don’t be too harsh on yourself and have a confidence in yourself and try to find what you want to do with your life in a good way of course, you know. Try to understand yourself more and eventually you will find what you like to do. Don’t give up as my usual advice you know. Take care of yourself that’s what matters first. You don’t know maybe your weak point can be your strongest point. That’s how me and Kurama came best friends with knowing what our past is, because I don’t remember ever resenting Kurama about something or hate him. So, I would always try and understand him since he is already inside of me, and he is one of the most important parts in my life that made me achieve my goal and be able to always standup and never gave up. So, each one of us has something similar to Kurama inside of them. This hate emotion that comes from you, to get over it you should always try and talk with it and understand its feeling and talk with respect with it and show your Kurama that you care about it, and you will never betray it. If you do that you might become stronger than me isn’t that so Kurama?”

Talking in very bright, energetic handsome smile on his face that can make you feel happy instantly and give you hope.

Kurama: “Shut up Naruto you are embarrassing me in front of the people.”

Kurama got embarrassed from Naruto comment about him and at the same time he was happy about it and shy that’s just how much of tsundere he is.

Naruto: “**laugh** Don’t worry nobody can see you I think.”

Naruto spoke while laughing at Kurama reassuring him that nobody can see his foxy blushed face.

Sasuke: “First is don’t be obsessed with anything in your life you can see what the results are from the anime and what happened with me when I was obsessed with looking for sources to get stronger and get my revenge for my family. You could see how bad it was if you watched the anime. So don’t make bad choices as I did in my young age, and don’t danger yourself or go with dangerous people. Try and hear advice from the people that you respect and trust and help your family when they need it and take care of yourself and your family. Another advise would be do some physical or any type of training you prefer, to give you more confidence in yourself and if you don’t have any friends or family to talk with just try do some meditation to relax yourself and accept the situation you have and try to adapt to it , and improve yourself for the better, so that you will become more stronger than the you from yesterday that’s my advice for you.”

Sasuke spoke with serious expression on him.

Sakura: “Being obsessed with something is very harmful for the person it doesn’t matter how much you feel happy from the inside because deep in your heart its hurting you at the same time. Like me when I was so obsessed with Sasuke leaving and wanting him to come back because of my love for him **blush** and used my selfish reasons to make Naruto bring Sasuke back while he was getting hurt, and it really hurts when you have feeling for someone that you are obsessed with and they reject you, which is why I am trying to sort out this issue inside of myself and I am already better than before. This can be one of the ways to learn to love yourself and have more confidence in yourself, but this is the harsh way. Try to always find more gentle way not like me. Another advise would be you should spend some time with your family and friends if you have them and go out, check-out the world and the people around you. You can of course have fun watching anime don’t be addicted to it and get dragged around by any ideas you see around the world. First you should think it over and analyze it in your brain and then think if it is bad idea or not or is it going to hurt someone or not. Just be open minded and conscious about what you are doing. That’s all”

Finished her advice with a lovable smile facing the viewers and hoping her advice would help someone in need.

Hinata: “I have the same opinion as Ms. Sakura about the obsession please try to take care of yourself more. Try your best to overcome any fear you have if they are getting in the way of your goal and be able to express your thoughts and feeling if there is need to do so. Don’t try to do something you don’t want to do. You should take care of your health and don’t overdo it with watching anime and any other bad habit you have. Try to be balanced in your life and love yourself more.”

Ended it with an innocent cute smile that brings happiness to the people around her.

Kakashi: “I don’t have anything to say honestly. Everybody said what’s need to be said. Just take care of yourselves and try not to make too many wrong choices in your life that’s what I would really suggest you do and if you already did wrong choices try to correct them you don’t have any excuses.”

Tsunade: “I have nothing to say. Just Don’t do gambling its addicting even though I do it and I lose every time as frustrating as it sounds. Also have faith in yourself and what you can accomplish that’s all.”

She talked while getting frustrated at her bad habit and tried her best to give a reasonable advice.

Jiraiya: “Don't get discouraged when you get hurt or some bad things happen to you. This means that you will need to overcome this hurdle to make you stronger later in life. Pain can be taken to either make you do better in life or bad things, it depends on you on how you translate it. Never go back on your word and never give up on life there will always be opportunity that will come for you. Don't whine about the bad things that are happening to you, just think of a solution for the problem instead of wasting energy on talking about it and whining. Try your best to be a strong person. Life is for the strong people not the weak-willed people. The weak-willed people will always get bad things happen to them because they are bringing it to themselves. Playing the culprit will always give you excuses not to do anything which is only the weak people will try and use this method. That's how I was and that's how everyone was at first, but some people get stronger later in life and some of them stay weak for their whole life. So, choose wisely which one you want to become. This is my general advice, but yeah also don't be obsessed with something in your life always try to be balanced and don't be super pervert like me because you can see how much I get beat up by the ladies.”

Jiraiya spoke with his eyebrow lowered as if he is angered from something and his expression went to happy smiley face at the end while making fun of himself.

Might Guy: “For those who don’t believe in themselves, hard work is useless for them. I used to be a loser as you know, but because of that now I am confident in myself to be able to beat my best friend Kakashi and every elite ninja. I proved to them that even without ninjutsu and genjutsu I can become a great ninja because that’s my ninja way. You should never give up on life and you should face the fear of not having self-confidence which by having faith in yourself and every failure that you make in your life will make you stronger later. Don’t be discouraged you should live a youthful life with happy memory and training your body is one of the options that you can give you more self-confidence in yourself. You don’t have to be like everyone else around you. Do what you can and accept the result whatever it is and learn from it.”

He was talking in excitement and energetic voice while walking on his hands because of his injured leg and the wheelchair was stuck to him so he started spinning around with wheelchair then calmed down for the next question.

The serious vibe in the air stopped and went back to normal and happy mood. The narrator face changed to his normal facial expression with small smile on him.

Malex: “Thank you very much everyone for your answers. My next question is for the legendary Sennin Mr. Jiraiya. what do you think about you dying early in the series before the war Arc?”

Jiraiya: “That was really annoying for me at first. I died early not earlier than Asuma of course.”

Then the camera pans to Asuma waving his hand from the audience.

Jiraiya: “But you know I was not able to be part of the rest of series only as memorial for them. That pissed me off and wanted to kick the creator ass if I saw him. I wanted to take part in the War Arc, but you know my death has influenced my student and my friends to become stronger in their life so I accepted the result since if I was alive, I might not be able to do much. At the end of the day the creator wanted that, and I am fine with that after consulting myself. Thanks for killing me early in the Series Mr. Masashi Kishimoto.”

Jiraiya was frustrated as he died in the episode 133, but he accepted it since it was one of the steps to influence Naruto and other people to change for the better and ending his sentence with sarcasm thanks and sort of wicked grin on his face.

Malex: “Thanks for expressing to us your opinion Mr. Jiraiya. The next question is directed to Might Guy Strongest Taijutu ever in the Naruto university yet. So, Mr. Guy the match between you and Madara before Naruto’s awakening as the sage of the six path, a lot of people have become your fans and they admired you and I am one of them actually because everyone was surprised about your capability. You were the only person to be able to damage Madara that much at that time and almost killed him. What is your opinion about this?”

Might Guy: “ah….hmm… You are flattering me too much. I actually don’t have much to say about this matter other than thank you everyone for your support. It was one of those moments where you have to give it your all and also other things like the desire to protect the people I care about gave me strong will power to pour everything that I have in that last shot. My leg is fine it’s no problem for me. I am even stronger now, so guys don’t worry I am still as youthful as ever.”

Malex: “Thank you very much Mr. Guy. That was exciting to hear because a lot of fans wanted to hear your opinion about this matter.”

Might Guy: “No problem my young friend.”

Malex: “For next question. I am going to show you your voice actor and if you would like to say something to your voice actor that worked with you during the series. Starting with Sakura. Your voice actor name is Chie Nakamura and this is a picture of her. What things you would like to say to her?”

The interviewer gave a picture of the voice actor to Sakura.

Sakura: “She looks so cute, beautiful, and young. I mean she is the one that gave me this voice and made me popular. I really appreciate that and thankful for her. Thank you very much Ms. Chie Nakamura. I am curious is she married right now?”

She asked with excitement and complemented her voice actor.

Malex: “Yes she is married but no children.”

Sakura: “I know its late but congratulations on your marriage”

Sakura holding the photo with both of her hands because its little bit of big portrait and thanked her voice actor with an appreciation that can be seen from her face.

Malex: “What about you Naruto? Your voice actor name is Junko Takeuchi. This is her picture.”

Naruto: “…huh…? What my voice actor is female? That gave me a little bit of shock and embarrassed about it. I never thought my voice is coming from a female. She is very professionally good at her job, and I am very impressed.”

Hinata and Sakura came to check out the photo out of curiosity.

Hinata: “Yeah that’s really impressive and also feels kind of weird and funny to me that Naruto’s actual voice is a woman.”

She had little laugh while putting her hand on her mouth.

Sakura: “I think it’s hard to change your voice to a male in my opinion. Not a lot of people have this talent. Well done girl.”

Hinata: “I think so too. Out of curiosity what is her age if I may ask?”

Malex: “50 years old right now.”

Hinata and Sakura: “Wow”

Sakura: “She is looking healthy and young. Keep the good work Ms. Takeuchi”

Hinata: “Yeah.”

Naruto: “Well as Ms. Sakura said thank you for your hard work Ms. Takeuchi and we have been together for a long time now. It was nice to see who is doing my voice. Thank you, you know.”

Naruto thanked the voice actor for her hard work.

Malex: “Next up is Hinata. Your voice actor name is Nana Mizuki. This is a photo of her. Do you have anything to say to her?”

Hinata: “You’re putting me on the spot now **blushing**. She is also beautiful and cute girl. I am sorry if I caused you hard time doing my lines but thank you very much for your hard work. I hope you will have a good and healthy life.”

Hinata bowed her head as gesture for appreciating the help of her voice actor.

Malex: “Thank you Hinata. Next up is Sasuke. Your voice actor’s name is Noriaki Sugiyama. This is a photo of him. Is there something that you would like to say to your voice actor?”

Sasuke: “I don’t really have anything to say to Mr. Sugiyama other than thank you very much for your hard work and for helping me out during this series and apologies for any trouble that I have caused you.”

With an apologetic tone and respecting his voice actor.

Malex: “Thank you Sasuke for your opinion. Next up is Tsunade. Your voice actor name is Masako Katsuki and this is her photo. Do you have something to say to her?”

Tsunade: “I would like to say thank you Ms. Katsuki for your hard work and nice to be working with you. Take care of yourself.”

She thanked her with an appreciative smile that the viewers can see that she is proud to be working with her.

Malex: “Thank you Ms. Tsunade. Next up is Mr. Jiraiya. Your voice actor’s name is Hôchû Ôtsuka this is his picture. Anything to say to him?”

Jiraiya: “Oh.. He looks handsome somewhat. Thank you for your hard work Mr. Otsuka and it was fun working with you during this journey.”

Jiraiya thanked his voice actor with simple smile on his face.
Malex: “Thank you Mr. Jiraiya for your opinion. Lastly, we have Mr. Guy your voice actor name is Masashi Ebara. This is his photo. Anything to say to him?”

Might Guy: “Ah.. man, I really don’t have much to say but it was really fun working with you. Preserve your youthfulness and keep training your body. Thanks”

He thanked his voice actor while being as motivated as ever.

Malex: “Thank you very much Mr. Guy. The next question is what are your hobbies starting with Mr. Sasuke?”

Sasuke: “Me? Hm.. my hobbies are training and walking.”

Naruto: “Pulling pranks but this was only as kid now I don’t do it. Second is watering plants.”

Sakura: “Playing trivia games and memorizing new material for medical ninjutsu.”

Hinata: “My hobby is pressing flowers.”

Kakashi: “Reading Icha Icha series”

Jiraiya: “You are still reading it Kakashi? Even after my death!”

Kakashi: “Yeah of course I am still reading it. It’s very exciting to read and a lot of fun. I was waiting for the next volume to come out before your death but now it’s not happening so yeah. Thank you for making this book.”

Jiraiya: “Well, you’re welcome.”

They exchanged gratitude with each other while conversing about the book. Then the camera pans to Jiraiya to hear his hobby.

Jiraiya: “Oh right. My hobby is sneaking onto Woman Bathing House.”

Jiraiya spoke with such a proud voice that it disgusts the females around him.

Sakura: “Just how much of pervert are you?!”

Sakura spoke with long sigh.

Tsunade: “There is no helping it.”

Tsuande did the same.

Jiraiya: “What about you Tsunade? Your hobby is not better than my hobby in my opinion.”

Tsunade: “Me? My hobby is gambling. It is better than your pervert hobby you. At least I am not looking at naked men or sneaking glances at them. I just put all my money on gambling never won in any of them.”

Jiraiya: “I disagree with you. I don’t profusion all my money on some useless games. I only peep at naked women while hiding.”

Sakura: “Stop it you too. Both of your hobbies are stupid. Peeping on naked women is crime more than gambling so just accept that and let us hear Mr. Guy’s hobby.”

They both didn’t have a reply to Sakura and stopped arguing.

Might Guy: “My hobbies are doing side-steps and focus mitts.”
He started imitating side steps with his hand instead of his feet and did the same with focus mitts.

Malex: “Thanks everyone for your replies. Now for our next questions it’s going to be what is your greatest strength and weakness? Starting with Might Guy.”

Might Guy: “I can’t handle ships and sea. As you know I have seasickness. My strength I believe it would be commitment and will power.”

He spoke with an honesty look on his face without wavering as if he already accepted his weakness.

Sasuke: “My Strength would be I can become adaptable to the situation better and analyze it. My weakness was ego. In the old days my ego gave me insecurity about myself and caused a lot of trouble, because of it and not hearing the other person opinion. Right now, I am trying to balance that.”

Sasuke spoke with a little frowned expression on his face and frustrated at his weakness. He had the face of person with commitment to overcome whatever weakness he had in the past.

Kakashi: “My strength is I think it would be copying technique of my opponent and use them against them and fast learner. My weakness would be I don’t have much of stamina when fighting so I try my best to reserve my chakra as much as possible and don’t use Jutsu that requires a lot of chakras when possible.”

Naruto: “My strength would be that I never give up and my friends also are also part of my strength. They all helped me come this far. My weakness I think it would be that I am not really that genius guy when it comes to studying and stuff like that.”

Tsunade: “My weakness is my phobia from blood, gambling by taking high risks, and I don’t go easy on my students. My strength I believe it would be courage to fight back, to protect, and I don’t let my emotion get the better of me usually and I never go back on my principle.”

Jiraiya: “My Strength would be I am s good teacher based on my experience. My weakness would be my lust distracts me from my job.”

Jiraiya spoke with humble voice and smiling proudly by himself while everyone is looking at him with frowned face.

Sakura: “My strength would be that I can analyze situation very well not as good as Shikamaru. My weakness is that I usually let my emotion get the better of me, which is not a good thing, so I am trying to control that.”

Hinata: “I am not really sure but if I want to say it would be my strength is my will power to protect the people I love no matter the cost. My weakness is sometimes I can’t express myself easily and I am little more shy than other people.”

Everyone spoke with an honesty even though for some of them it was embarrassing but they all have the look of having fun and who has the commitment to be stronger.

Malex: “Again thank you all for the replies. Our next question is going to be a little more serious question. What do you think about faith in God does it influence the person mentality or behavior? For me I have faith in God, and I believe that it is one of the reasons that helped me accomplish my goals and overcome the difficulties in my life and be able to do this anime that we are doing right now.”

Naruto: “I am not really the type to have faith in such things like God, but I can say for sure that if you believe in something you will be stronger person in general that’s my opinion on the matter you know.”

Sasuke: “I think believing in God can have an effect on your general mental health. It could give you safety and increase your security about yourself. I am not saying that I faith in God, but I am just saying that believing in God or anything else can sometimes be helpful for you because for me I only have faith in myself and in my friends that has saved me from the darkness of my revenge and joined them in the bright road ahead.”

Kakashi: “Ah.. I don’t believe in God, but I have something to say. The people that overexert themselves by helping other people when they don’t want to or when they are doing it just for humanity, after doing it a lot this will become a burden on this person and eventually leads to depression, because this person he/she don’t like himself/herself. They love the people more than themselves that’s why they are helping people, because they are asking the people to love them when they don’t love themselves which is unreasonable. Everyone, try to take care of yourselves, and you can try out to have faith in God it never hurts. For me I have faith in my friends and the people that I trust. Your faith can be anything you want. To let you know every person must have something to have faith in or else you will get the feeling of emptiness from time to time inside of yourself.”

Malex: “You know having faith in God is better than having face in a rock or statue or devil or anything else in the world, because all of these things they can be taken away at any moment they won’t stay with you forever. On the other hand, God is inside your heart, is the closest to you, and provided humanity with chakra from the beginning. That’s my opinion.”

Jiaraya: “I feel like I am not the correct person to talk about this, but I do have something to say. What you said about having faith in God is better than anything else, I kinda agree with you on that. Since I have met different type of people that have faith in God and the ones that doesn’t. What I concluded from my research is having faith in God can increase your self-confidence and your fear of death most of the time. Your life would be easier and for the better if you truly believe in God. I have met some people in a country where they believe in God from their heart and when I stayed with them and lived with them for some time to do research, it felt the whole house was safe even though it was a poor family and everything around them was pretty average, but I always felt safe around them and they don’t even know what chakra is let alone how to use ninjutsu. They were very peaceful people and always positive people despite their poorness. It’s just their faith was very strong that someone like me who doesn’t have faith in God was able to notice it and their chakra flow was even more clean and pure. They were always smiling and having fun. Also, I learned something which is to have faith in God is something that can help you mentally more than physically, because at one time one of the family member the son was sick while I was at their house, and I was not able to heal him and didn’t know what his sickness was. The family tried their best to heal him but not any of the doctor there was able to identify the disease. At one time I saw the mother and father at night praying in their language without making a noise and their son physical body was continuously deteriorating. They were out of option. There was nothing they could do except to pray to God. So, after their praying the son for some mysterious reason I noticed that his chakra started to stabilize, and his health started coming back day after day and the family was very happy and thankful to God. That’s the story. I am not saying that I believe in God, but I have to say what is right and wrong that’s what I discovered during my journey.”

Jiraiya spoke those words with an expression that can be described as a confused person who didn’t know what had transpired and spoke the truth without thinking twice about it while he is not a believer of such thing called God.

Sakura: “I think it really depends on the person if they need to have faith in God or not. I think you have the freedom to choose whichever way you want as long as you’re not hurting yourself or other people, I think you are fine. For me I faith that whatever happens its always going to be good thing for me.”

She spoke with elegance followed by pure smile directed to the viewers.

Hinata: “Ah… I really don’t know what to say other than what Sakura and the other said. As long as you are good person, and you are working on yourself and being happy with your life I think that’s all that matters, and the rest is to increase your fun like going out with friends or partying or other stuff like that.”

She spoke with an innocent like tone in her voice and trying to express her inner thoughts about faith in God.

Tsunade: “I think to have faith in something is a plus to you and it’s also to make you stronger in life in general, and not a weak-willed person. I don’t believe in God specifically, but I always have faith that whatever happens, it’s for the best for all of us and it’s to make us notice something in our personality and try to fix it. You should always understand something that all misfortunes that happen to you they are coming from you, or they are there to help guide you to achieve something, or to stop you from what you are doing. That’s the true meaning behind them, and the people around you reflect your inner self. There must be something between you and them that you both have inside of yourselves that feel the same about a specific thing to have you meet each other, even if it’s a bad person or your family or any other person in your life. As an example, if you are lazy, you’re going to attract lazy people if you feel that you are happy you will attract the happy people that’s the reality. And when you attract a bad person, you should look inside of yourself and be honest with yourself and think on why I attracted this person. That’s all.”

Tsunade was speaking with harsh tone to the viewers that’s her way of advising people.

Malex: “I respect all of your opinions and they were interesting for me to hear. For this question is directed to Mr. Jiraiya again. So, Mr. Jiraiya what are those red lines on your face how did they came to be can you please explain it to us?”

Jiraiya: “They are birth mark. Nothing special about them specifically.”

Spoke with a surprised expression on his face as if the question was very trivial to him.

Malex: “But we saw you, you used them when fighting against Pain to draw a shape on your face is that necessary to do?”

Jiraiya: “Not really you can see Naruto and other people that uses Sage mode they don’t have these birth mark. For me I just use them for a style nothing important.”

The interviewer a little disappointed from Jiraiya answer but he continued to the next question.

Malex: “Oh. Well, ok. For this question it is from the fans of the Naruto Shippuden series they are asking you Mr. Sasuke. A lot of fans throwing hate on the Boruto series because of the difference in your strength from the Naruto Shippuden series comparing it to the Boruto Series. Do you have something to say to them?”

Sasuke: “I respect their opinion, but I don’t care what they say. They were thinking that I am still the same bad person. Some of the Jutsu that I used when fighting against Madara, Naruto and Kaguya I am not using them now because they take a lot of the chakra that’s why I don’t use them. When I feel like using them, I will use them depending on the situation and my chakra was a huge at that time because when the Rinnegan awoken it gave me a huge amount of chakra from the sage of the six path that it was enough to control the Tailed beast and be able to use it constantly. After that fight with Naruto my chakra returned to normal, and it is still great now but not as much as before. Throwing hate at the staff is not good thing to do and you should respect their work either watch it or don’t watch it. That’s all.”

Sasuke spoke with a confidence in his words emphasizing that he was not specifically weakened it just the amount of chakra in his body decreased during the time of the awakening of the Rinnegan. He looked with a sharp glare at the viewers as if giving them chills with threating voice to respect the staff member work.

Malex: “Now that’s been cleared up because I was also wondering on how you got weaker in the Boruto series. Thank you, Mr. Sasuke, for clarifying it to the fans.”

The interviewer was happy to hear Sasuke’s opinion on the matter and went to the next question.

Malex: “This question is from me Mr. Kakashi. Can you please show us your mouth without hiding behind the camera or disguised as a different person? Just this time and I will be able to continue with the last question.”

Kakashi: “Oh man. You guys really focus on the most trivial thing, don’t you?”

Naruto: “I mean we already saw your mouth but never like this way. Show us your mouth Mr. Kakashi.”

Sakura: “Yeah show us your mouth. You only showed it to the viewers in that episode. I know we saw it while you were disguised in a different person, but it doesn’t count.”
Sasuke: “I am not really that interested in seeing your mouth, but I don’t mind if you uncover your mask.”

Kakashi: “Even you Sasuke!”

Might Guy: “YEAH! finally this question came. Kakashi show us your mouth right now!”

Kakashi: “Ok ok jeez. I will show it to you.”

Might Guy: “Without any tricks you are going to show us. We will forcefully take your mask off if you don’t abide by the rules.”

Kakashi: “I won’t do any tricks I promise. Are you ready? Because I won’t do it again.”

Kakashi started moving his hand very slowly like snail sliding on the ground and everyone was looking at him very stressed with excitement on their face even Sasuke was looking at him with his Rinnegan and Activated his Sharingan to record everything.

Kakashi hands finally reached his mask and…

**Uncovered his mouth mask**

All of them were in shock with the shape of his mouth because it looked like your normal mouth but with a gentle lips and shaved beard that he has been taking care of for a long time.

Kakashi: “Are you happy now? Told you no tricks.”

Naruto: “So it’s like any other mouth huh. Kind of little disappointed you know, but thanks for showing. I thought it would be like rabbit mouth or something.”

Kakashi: “Why would my mouth be like rabbit!!?”

He lowered his eyebrow in confusion of Naruto’s respond.

Sasuke: “**sigh** There was no need to activate my Sharingan and use my Reningan. I thought it would be massively huge lips coming out of the mask.”

Sasuke sighed in disappointment in his discovery and deactivated his Sharingan and covered his Rinnegan.

Kakashi: “You too Sasuke. What is going on here?!”

Sakura: “I am a little disappointment also. I thought your mouth would be very small with lip stick on it like a woman trying to kiss you.”

Sakura spoke with a disappointment in her voice like Sasuke and Naruto.

Kakashi: “Hey why would I put lipstick on my lips?! You guys have some crazy imagination.”

Then Guy was glaring at Kakashi’s mouth and asked him a weird question.

Might Guy: “Kakashi…”

Kakashi: “What?”

Might Guy: “Why your mouth looks so soft and sexy have you been kissing a lot of women lately?”

Guy’s question made Kakashi flustered and blushed. So, he replied.

Kakashi: “Wha… What are you saying Guy?! You are crazier than them. Jeez I am putting the mask on again.”

Kakashi felt very embarrassed during this moment, and he swore he would never uncover his mask again in his whole life.

Hinata, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were also surprised about his mouth that it looked normal. They didn’t say anything because they don’t want to hurt Kakashi’s feeling.

Malex: “Next, this question is for Naruto. So, Naruto the question is why do you always save the people that has killed your friend and hurt you the most? As example when Obito killed Neiji you didn’t try to kill him but tried to bring him to your side. How did this come to be?”

Naruto: “Ah man. It’s a little hard to explain but I think it’s because of my childhood and because of what Iruka sensei taught me and had a huge impact on me at that specific time. I started to understand how other people feel that had a rough time like me born without seeing my mother or father and being hated in the village all of this was an important aspect for me to become who I am today. I have sympathy for the people that had a rough life like this, and I try to help them if I can. Killing each other wouldn’t solve any problem at the end of the day. It will just bring more hate and revenge in the future.”

Naruto was little flustered from the question at first but then he started to remember his days in the village and the hardships that he went through and gave his answer to the question. His own feeling was mixed in the answer that gave you the impression of the hardships that he went through while his smile never left his face.

Malex: “What a fascinating answer. I totally agree to this. Now to conclude our session. Thank you for coming all the way to here. For the last question do you have anything that you would like to say to the viewers that are watching right now?”

Naruto: “Guys go watch the series Naruto Shippuden and Naruto and watch the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation it’s not as interesting as my series yet, but it will be later and also watch the movies, we have done a ton of them. I would like also to direct my thank to our creator of course which is Mr. Masashi Kishimoto. I am thankful that you gave us this opportunity to tell a fictional story and at the same time entertain people for a long period thank you very much you know. To our dear fans we appreciate your help for us thank you very much.”

Hinata: “Go watch us on how we became to how we are today if you haven’t already and see for yourselves and enjoy the journey. I know there are 500 episodes only for Naruto Shippuden series. We also have some other spin-off like NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals where Rock Lee is the main character it was very funny. We have other stuff that you can enjoy go watch them. Thank you Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for everything that you have done for us I really appreciate it and of course to all the staff member that helped developing the series. Thanks to all our fans for supporting us during the series I am very thankful.”

Sasuke: “Thank you for everyone that had supported us in the series and hopefully you learned something useful if you have watched series and if you are interested you can also watch the movies and other stuff we did. Thank you very much Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for creating us and to all the staff members that helped in the process. Thanks to our fans that we have come this far. Thank you everyone.”

Sasuke spoke with sincere gratitude as if the series has made a change in his life for the better which it did.

Sakura: “You lot go watch the series or you’re gonna feel my wrath. Just kidding, please go watch it and we appreciate your assistance. Thank you Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for giving me this opportunity to enjoy this creation and to all the staff and fans. Have fun.”

Sakura spoke with an aggressive tone and threating the viewers. Then immediately changed it to soft voice and innocent smile as if she didn’t say anything and hiding her aggressive personality.

Kakashi: “Thanks for watching our series and supporting us. You can check out our movies and other spin-off like the one Hinata mentioned. There are some movies were I really shined go check them out. And yes, thank you Mr. Masashi Kishimoto it was fun journey thanks to you and everyone that helped you during the production.”

Kakashi had a smirk on his face that can’t be seen because of the mask.

Might Guy: “I don’t like to say this goodbye stuff they make me cry. All of the youthful people go watch me in the series and see how I shine during these episodes and thank you very much Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for creating me and thanks to the production member and all our fans. Have good and youthful healthy life.”

Guy eyes came pouring falls of water and trying his best to say goodbye.

Jiraiya: “Toad Sage is only a disguise! As matter of fact, North and South and East and West. I am the white maned toad charmer and one of the legendary Sannin whom even celestial beings can’t defeat. Such a stud. That he strikes fear in the hearts of people. I am no other than “Master Jiraiya”! Yes, I am talking about me. So, with introduction of me please go do the stuff that others had told you to do and watch especially my episode to see how amazing I am.”
“Ow. Lastly, I want to thank our creator Masashi Kishimoto and I am happy that you made me this way that’s how I wanted to be thank you.”

Jiraiya Suddenly stands up and started to do his introduction as usual. While speaking proudly as he is doing his ridiculous long introduction. Then gets punched on top of his head by Tsunade to calm him down and stop this ridiculous introduction.

Tsunade: “Thank you for everyone that supported us in the series and thanks to the production for working very hard on the series. Thanks to Mr. Masashi Kishimoto we all are thankful for you by expressing your ideas and turning them into us.”

Tsunade bowed her head while giving her thanks to everyone and with an appreciative smile on her cheek.

Malex: “For the last thing can you guys come together and take pictures with your voice actors please. For a memorial of this day. Are you ready?! 3. 2. 1. Smile **click**. Thank you so much guys for coming all the way to this interview we will see you at the end of the episode at the party.

Everyone smiled at the camera while holding their own voice actress portrait between their hands.

Naruto: “See you all, you know”.
Sakura: “See ya guys.”
Sasuke: “Bye everyone”
Hinata: “Take care everyone”
Kakashi: “Bye bye everyone.”

Might Guy: “Goo.. Goodbye… Goodbye guys.”

While still crying.

Tsunade: “See you all”

Jiraiya: “Goodbye guys.”

All of them waved one of their hands to the viewers while holding the portrait of their voice actors with the other hand and said their goodbyes to the viewers with happiness covering all their faces except for Guy he was being carried by Kakashi and dragged from the studio.

Malex: “And Now to our next guests but first we will take break and wait for us you will be surprised on who are we going to meet next.”

First Session End.
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