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Sharing experience of the love of Jesus
When praying the rosary yesterday, I saw a mystical hand reach out and take a small chunk of my heart and place it into the chalice. I had the sense that when the consecration occurred, the gift that I offered became the heart of Christ. The understanding that Christ in the Trinity gives Himself to us for Himself even more than He does so for us occurred to me. It is because He lives to love us and does not want us to be separated from His love. I cannot really explain the fullness of His Love that He allowed me to experience at this moment but I feel that He wants me to share this with His priest sons. Because the priesthood is the Love 💗 of the Heart of Jesus, I feel that He wants you to understand that the laity also become the love of the Heart of Jesus at the mass after the offertory where we have offered sacrifice with His, after the consecration when the sacrifice becomes His Heart, and after Communion most fully when we eat of It. By the Sacrament of Holy Orders, priests become the Love of the Heart of Jesus and by you, the priest, we communally become the Love of the Heart of Jesus. We need the priest to encounter Christ’s Love in this way - not as a representation of His Love - but of His real, true, deep abiding love. This love is not a simple brotherhood of people who exist on the earth together; this is a mystical, deep, divine, and full Love than cannot be experienced in the same way by mere human interaction. God’s love is reborn in us at every Eucharist. His love lives in us. Praised be Jesus Christ. May His Holy Love remain forever in us!
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