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What is the most important social problem today?
Freedom of speech within social networks. I see this daily across all forms. It seems that in today's society, everyone gets offended by someone else sharing their point of view. What happened to just not reading and just scrolling by? Why do we all have to be so involved in another’s post? In fact, why even be friends with someone that you know doesn’t share your point of view?

I think that we should all let each other BE who we are. If you don’t like the person then just unfriend them and move on. Your opinion of their life will not change anything. Nowadays people are so sure that they need to express themselves on other people’s forums to make a point. Seems to me that if we all could just go back to "treating others as you would like them to treat you" things would be a lot more peaceful on these networks.

Social media allows us to hide behind our avatars and pictures of random celebrities as our profile pics. I think that we tend to forget our social graces when it comes to how we post and comment on another’s viewpoint. Obviously, if it is offensive to us we have the choice to unfriend and not have to read this person’s crap again. But why enturbulate yourself even further and add a nasty comment or for that matter write obscenities? Move on people. There are more important games to win than trying to change a person with different views. Small minds and all. Just remember – Hate breeds hate. Nothing good can come from expressing hate.
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