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A heretic finds love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
Alina is driving home from the dance she chaperoned at. When she gets home, she's attacked by a vision. It starts with Katherine teaching Damon how a vampire hunts and then moves to Damon and Stefan's father, Giuseppe, who hunts vampires. Stefan had talked to Giuseppe about if they had to kill all vampires and if there were good ones. The vision then shows Giuseppe spiking Stefan's drink with vervain and Stefan being fed off of by Katherine.

Katherine falls to the ground and she starts choking. Giuseppe runs in and puts a muzzle on Katherine, yelling at Stefan to go grab the sheriff. The vision moves to Katherine being locked in a van and then it presents Stefan and Damon being shot by Giuseppe, and then Pearl, another vampire friend of Katherine, being discovered by Jonathan Gilbert.

Jonathan Gilbert has a watch that acts as a compass to detect vampires. It points to Pearl when he speaks to her, and he gives her a look of surprise. Pearl tries to run when he lets everyone know he found another vampire.

She gets shot and Anna, her daughter, sees the whole thing and cries out, and Emily Bennett, the town witch, pulls her away and shushes her so they don't get caught either. It shows Stefan watching this go down.

The vision abruptly ends. Alina instantly passes out, thinking she has to get stronger than the visions to live through them. Then everything goes black.

When she wakes, Damon is in her apartment. He's lounging on her couch, watching a random TV show that's on the TV. He looks over when she groans and says, "Finally. Rise and shine sleepyhead. We have stuff to do, places to be."

"Like what?"

"Like get Emily Bennett's grimoire from my dad's grave. Stefan and Elena said they would help, but something in my gut tells me they're not to be trusted. So I'm including you to help me get the book before they do and then we can find out how to open the tomb."

Alina sighs and gets up. She changes from her decade dance outfit into older clothes so she can help dig up a grave. She hastily walks back to the living room to Damon so they can leave. Damon sits on the couch and watches TV for a little while longer, so Alina sits on the other side of the couch and watches with him.

It's nighttime by the time they get to the grave. They found Stefan and Elena already there with the grimoire. Alina sighs and waits for the inevitable Damon temper tantrum. Damon looks hurt and voices his feelings out loud. He tells Stefan he expected this from him, but turns to Elena and says, "But you, I believed you."

Damon grabs Elena and feeds her his blood, threatening to turn her if Stefan doesn't give him the grimoire. Stefan slides it over and Damon lets go of Elena. She runs to Stefan and hugs him, fearing for her life, while Damon speeds off.

After that whole fiasco, Alina goes to find Damon. She arrives at the Boarding House and walks in, calling out for Damon. A rush of wind is felt and Alina turns around to see Damon face-to-face with her. She takes a step back from him, the warmth of his body being a bit weird to feel. He smirks at her and she rolls her eyes.

"What's the plan now, Damon?" Alina asks. Damon rolls his eyes and says, "Now that we have the grimoire, we read it and find out how to open the tomb. After, I'll be on my merry way out of town with Katherine, and you can live a simple, Damon-free life. All will be well in Mystic Falls then."

Alina chuckles and grabs ahold of the book in Damon's hands. She opens it and starts reading it, trying to find information on how to get the tomb open. Eventually, she grows tired of reading it, impatient to find the answer, and sets the book down on the table next to her.

She tells Damon she's going to head home when Stefan rushes in and looks worried. He explains that Anna was at the Gilbert's house with Jeremy and when he was getting Elena some aspirin, Anna took her.

Stefan asks Alina to perform a locator spell to find Elena. Alina tries but is too weak from the vision she had that last night. Stefan paces around trying to calm himself. Alina tries again, but this time, she almost passes out, falling to the ground.

Damon picked her up and carried her to a room. He laid her on the bed and walked out of the room, closing the door on his way out. She quickly fell asleep because of being so weak. She woke up about three hours later with a strong craving for blood. She goes to the basement of the Salvatore House and grabs a blood bag from the cooler.

Quickly chugging it, she steals a couple more and walks outside, taking a deep breath of the cool air. The moon's light was bright, lighting up the walkway. She walks to her car and stores the extra blood bags in a hiding spot in her car. Making sure they were safe and weren't a risk of being popped by any sharp objects that could be in her car.

She drives away to her apartment, turning up the radio in the car and nodding her head along with the beat of the music. Turning into her apartment complex's parking lot, she turned the music down and pulled into her parking spot. Alina grabbed the blood bags from the hiding spot and shoved them into her bag.

Once she was inside her apartment, she took the blood bags out of her bag and stored them in the fridge. Alina then went into her bedroom and changed into a pair of leggings and a tank top to practice ballet in. She tied on her pointe shoes and went to the bar in her room. After practicing for a few hours, she drank a couple of blood bags and settled into bed.

Turning out the light, she pulled the blankets up to her chin and laid on her side, trying to fall asleep, but to no success. Tossing and turning, she turned the light back on and pulled out the book she's been reading, and started finishing it up. Alina soon yawned, and then yawned again, and tried to go to sleep again.

She turned out the light once more, pulled the blankets up again, and laid on her stomach this time. To her surprise, she started drifting off and soon fell into a deep slumber.
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