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a brief poem about trouble sleeping...
Why can’t you sleep?

Why can’t you sleep at night?
Are the skeletons tickling your ribs?
Was it something that you said?
Or was it something that you did?

You can take a drug for the same effect.
It may not be as good.
It may dry up all the spit you have.
Your tongue may turn to wood.

You may walk around naked in this sleep.
You may even drive your car.
The things people have done while asleep.
Well, some have been bizarre.

The sleep you get may not be restful.
Nightmares may shorten the night.
You may not remember who you are.
You may not regain your sight.

You drove all night to a foreign land.
A change of pace you thought.
You drank warm milk and rolled up tight.
But sleep was not what you got.

The skeletons followed you to this place.
They kept tickling at your ribs.
They tortured you for the last time.
Now, you’ve confessed what you did.
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