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"A short piece about most vivid childhood memory"
I write this memory, which is neither positive or negative, as a job. This writing is today's "work". Work can be hard, rewarding, fun, and many other things. This is meant to be at least the first three.

My most vivid memory comes in two parts. Firstly the one which is most vivid. Followed by its baby brother. The memory which seems to tag along.

As I'm typing this, in early February of 2023, I will be in my 32nd year on this planet. Which means I can obviously still look back and see these memories. Who knows when this will not be possible. Down the line, if I live long enough, this writing may be a way to look back and remember. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm over thinking it, and its just my own ramblings. Either way here is my recollection.


My first firm recollection of my early years occurred in a small town in the mountain's of Colorado. A town called Evergreen. Not far from where the creators of South Park went to school and lived. Also if your into music you may have heard of Red Rocks Amphitheatre which is down the road to Evergreen as well.

In the first part of the memory I'm returning from a friends house on my bicycle. I lived on a relatively tall hill, and when coming or going I had to deal with a steep grade. The bike, I had at the time, was a brand new shiny Diamondback mountain bike. Top of the line. Its color was a memorable silver with Diamondback printed on its frame in bold black letters.

Key to this memory is not the color, but more the brakes. They were like most bikes made for children. When you pedal forward you move the bike forward. When you back pedal you engage the brakes. I suppose that mechanic is meant to be second nature for young riders. At least it felt like it at the time.

That day, like most days I was off playing with one of the neighborhood kids. Seth was his name. His house was the last house before the road took off deep into the woods. Going so far in that even as a young adventurous kids we dared not go. Too many stories of mountain lions preying on the unsuspecting animals foolish enough to be caught.

That day while returning from his house, which was about half a mile up the hill. I learned a good lesson about brakes and the resilience of the youthful body.

The majority of the way down the hill I must have been in control. Then as I was nearing my driveway I was required to make a sharp right turn. I being around five years old was not good at the subconscious physics that comes with being alive. So, not taking into account my speed and the fact that both the road and driveway were unpaved. I immediately hit the brakes and my rear tire locked causing me to begin skidding. Because of the unpaved roads this skid continued until there was no more road left. Resulting in me flying off the embankment just by my house.

The distance seeming like ten's of feet, but was more like three to five feet. My landing spot was among a few rock and between two well placed tree's.

To put it short I had a minor accident. Luckily I was relatively unhurt. Just a couple scrapes and bruises, and a good lesson on simple physics.

The event itself did not go unnoticed. My neighbor who lived in a trailer just below us noticed my fall. To the best of my memory he came and collected me and returned me to my parents. At least that's how the story goes in my eyes. There may have been some tears and a hug and kiss, but the fall was the majority of the memory.

This was definitely my first true Vivid memory. Its recall leading to an accompanying memory. Receiving the bike in the first place.

It may have been my birthday, or just some special day. All I remember is my father leading me out to the garage, and at the opening of the garage there was a brand new Diamondback bike with "off road" tires. I can recall there being a couple of his friends with him at the time. They all stood there as I jumped on the bike and immediately said: "look at me dad I'm riding a bike" or something to that affect. Followed by me realizing that there were in fact training wheels on. I can even remember immediately feeling like a fool. I was a kid so foolishness was my job. Either way there it is. My "vivid" memory and its younger brother. Hope you enjoyed. Time for sleep.
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