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help from deceased relatives
First thing, as I have mentioned many times in my memoirs, I am a mystic - among other abilities. If you are unsure of what that means - because no one knows everything - I can speak to spiritual energies and deities and those who have passed: or rather, they speak to me when necessary [like when I have solved another part of a riddle].
That being said, here is this story.

So, I walked many an exhausting mile on the streets of Fort Collin Colorado: the last couple weeks I had my vehicle, and the week following, after my Pathfinder was towed while out on a walk to get coffee. During many of these miles - I wasn't really sleeping from psychosis and weird spiritual stuff that was happening - I did not understand why it very often felt like there was a little kid pushing me along - pushing against my lower back: until:; - I was falling asleep one night a year and a half ago (summer(i had moved in with a family member)) and I heard one of my late uncles say "hey Gary": and it all clicked: my uncle Gary, who died in an accident at about age 6: I think y'all can add up the rest!

During our times of greatest need, trust me! members of our family who have passed on - some of them hundreds of years ago - will help us make it to safety or to the next day. ... I have experienced this at least twice.


~ Quieter the Wilder
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