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some thoughts on dealing with loneliness
Day rain - day rain - wet feet

Fold back sun
Wishing why
Day of peace - full yell

Manic manic I am not

Forlorn forlorn , TO THE LORDS OF THE SKIES BEYOND the beyond

Its a bond of wrecked layers

Scream Yell whisper whirl


Harmonized dice - roll on the tower of balance -
Charades of mania


Ok so at this moment I very vaguely know where this was headed, so, what is coming now (and I am a ‘poetic memoirist): ..

Ok so maybe - apparently - I’m far lonelier than I was aware of - and I am a very deeply aware being! - because forlorn came out twice and at the time (psych care), I had no clue of the definition being “feeling of loneliness”” or “a longing to be with someone” (I think works to). Strange I say being that I spent several months in the mountains and “natural areas” of Colorado being my own spiritual and emotional best friend:; .. making peace with all light, and darkness, with my mind senses and soul. This as about 6 months after my spiritual awakening began: my “dark knight of the ego”

I think with everything my Ajna insights have oped to and revealed to me, thing far beyond this universe:; .. how tiny I am in comparison to all of it:; .. and I’ve been a shining star in the eyes of very few people (namely women). … I think I might be a little too good at minding my own pig and farm (family phrase for minding my own business!).


~ Quieter the Wilder
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