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Based on a writing prompt- Ella tried to make friends. But no one liked her.
Ella tried to make friends. But no one liked her. They thought she was weird because she wouldn’t talk to anyone. When she did talk to people she stuttered and mumbled. No one knew why she didn’t talk but her, her family, and her doctor. Ella had been diagnosed with autism. It really affected who she was and how she thought about herself.
One day she saw one of the popular girls, Katie in the hall. She said, “Hi Katie!” Katie turns and says, “Who are you? I thought you were mute!” Ella looks down, sullen. Somehow the coffee she was carrying ends up on top of her. Katie laughs and says, “Oh boy, you need a lot of help.” With that, she turns on her heel and walks to her next class. Ella sits there wanting nothing more but to be completely invisible.
She thinks back to that day frequently. She was only seventeen then but nothing had really improved. She was still nobody’s friend. Not for lack of wanting one though. She longed for someone to truly get her. Someone she could tell her secrets to without them judging her.
It didn’t get better when she got a job either. Her coworkers thought her rude and weird because she would never make conversation. Her managers didn’t understand her diagnosis and treated her poorly. She felt so alone and just did her work without comment. Though she didn’t speak that often or would speak softly, she was actually one of the star cashiers. She was recognized by management when they gave her an award for exceptional customer service.
Ella went through life believing she would be alone her whole life. One day after work she decides to go to the park. She loved being outdoors and needed to be alone. It had been a long hard day at work and she needed to unwind. She sat on her favorite bench, the one under the swaying willow. A girl sits on the other end of the bench, “I’m Rosie.” Ella, reluctant because of her past says, “E-E-Ella”. Rosie scoots closer, “Are you here with your friends?” “No, I have autism and no one understands me. I have no friends.” Rosie says, “I have Tourette’s Syndrome. Needless to say, I have some difficulties making friends myself.”
Ella loves how easy it is to talk to Rosie. She felt like someone got her for the first time. She discovered they both liked to read and go on long hikes. They both liked to spend time in nature. She couldn’t believe what Rosie said next, “We should hang out sometime. I think you’re cool!”
They were inseparable ever since. Ella never felt alone ever again. And Rosie finally had someone who she could relate to.
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