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When one thinks of a warrior, people seem to have this ideal image of a man or woman fighting off a bunch of thugs with nothin but their skills and a weapon. However, a warrior is not defined by just their physical prowess. Some warriors are those who fought in the medical field saving lives of those who suffer from mental and physical wounds. Then there are the warriors of Law and justice. Some seen as good and some scenes as vigilantes. Of course not all warriors stand in the light. It is here that our story begins. Within the dark there were the sounds of keys clacking and clicking. The soft muted hum of a computer running the only proof that someone was within the dark room. Soft mutters and singular notes being hummed were sometimes broken through the sounds of the computer being used. Her history is known to very few and she fought hard to keep it that way. Her real name was obscured so that no one could hunt her down and kill her or use her for their own selfish means.

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