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by Angel
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Being lost could be blessing in disguise; you never know what treasure you might find.
I am not a grown woman, it's an illusion. That's how I look on the outside. But inside I am that 10 years old small girl who is scared to travel the world. The world seemed like a big place and the people seemed scary. But still I took a leap of faith and wanted to spread my wings.
If I was afraid of the unknown, I would still be in a small village thinking that world is a scary place. And then in one sunny day I made a choice to see the big world. I was scared and trembling like a dry leaf. But still I dared to explore the unknown.
The small girl in me was excited but anxious. I got lost few times, may be many times. I was lost alone in the dark and nobody found me. But the little voice inside of me was telling me to keep going and just follow my heart. They said, "if you follow your heart, you will end up making poor choices". But but scared heart whispered, "what is the meaning of living in the shadow side without even knowing how much light might be waiting on the other side".

The journey might be long and scary, but that little girl is here. The storms were destructive but could not destroy me. The little girl survived.
Most of us are scared to be lost, but only by being lost is that you find yourself.
The little girl is scared no more, of the storm or the darkness. The darkness could not swallow the little girl.

It was not the little girl who became a woman. But it's the opposite. The grown woman found the little girl, being lost on the way.
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