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bad attitudes are just no good
the arse in 9

According to the supervisor I had at the time (who was very mentally sick [by my terms and perspective]), putting the wrong part in a door when the line was getting really backed up, was an asinine move, as he told me after the buzzer rang for break.
Now let's back up 8-10 minutes. The line is getting backed up and said Lead [supervisor (who doesn’t like me)] is standing there twiddling his thumbs over his smartphone the whole time, not doing anything to help keep the line moving. A door comes along for me and I’m not sure if the ‘end channel’ is the right one for it (it was built wrong), and I admit I was at fault for welding it when I suspected it wasn’t right.
Now moving ahead to after the break buzzer goes off. He goes over to hardware, where the door with the wrong end channel is now located. I think he went over to see if there was anything he could do while the rest of us are on break. He sees that it’s the wrong end channel for the door and then comes around to my station. I can’t remember the first thing he said but the rest is crystal clear, - “doing this when we are this backed up, this is just asinine!!” He said darkly to me.
This same ‘Lead’ yelled at me another time when I had grabbed the right parts but didn’t move the rack closer to the machine [I was getting backed up]: and yet another time on another line when my spot welding machine quit working, “I LEAVE FOR 5 SECONDS AND YOU GOT AN ERROR.” The control panel was reading ‘error’: it had just been malfunctioning for a minute or two when sick angry Lead was playing with it to get it working, and it did for about 6 or 7 seconds and the Lead was walking around the corner leaving, and I called him back and he looked at the panel for a couple of seconds before turning and bellowing/roaring at me, and I looked at him and said quite calmly back, “I can’t control what happens in there.” He didn’t say anything else, just called the maintenance people, who showed up about 3 long minutes later.
This incident and another similar involving a coworker were both reported at a meeting with higher-level management. I’m pretty certain nothing was done about it: I don’t believe they even talked to him about any of it. I would have written him up at the bare minimum.

So … asinine?

There was yet another time he came down to my workstation and yelled at me for going too slow. A good level-headed leader would have come down and investigated the situation and then gotten someone to help me keep the line moving faster ... you know, teamwork! …oh and BTW I yelled right back at him: I really genuinely was doing the best I could!

I would call bellowing and roaring the same thing except, I think roaring has a bit of growliness to it … do you reckon? — just a sort of afterthought.


~ Quiet the Wilder
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