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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Experience · #2292981
A sorta sequel to “the arse in 9”
temper tantrum

There was one day the same boss (‘lead’) put on a wonderful display of a 5 or 6 yo boy putting on a temper tantrum. First the auto grinder had an issue, then apparently no one was working the door lift further down the line stacking doors:; he stomps his feet, yells some profanity about why nothing is happening right, yanks his cap off and flings it around (I actually found it hard not to laugh).

There was another time, he had already yelled at me at least 3 times for things I had little to no control over, and I had already decided if he pointed his finger at me one more time - I was the first person he would start yelling at when something went wrong on my end of the line - I was gonna go off on him and cuss him out; and I figured it was going to happen eventually;.. the auto-grinder had a malfunction and he turns towards me and starts sayin’ something and I YELLED, “I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT BLANKETY BLANKING THING WORKS, YOU GONNA YELL AT ME EVERY TIME SOMETHIN’ GOES WRONG DOWN HERE, I’M PAYIN’ ATTENTION TO THIS S*** (my own work station)”… he looked away further down the line and never yelled at me again.
He got a big! lesson that time in ‘it doesn’t feel good to be yelled at when we’re doing the best we can’.

I think that is all for ‘the rest’ of that story, thank you for reading.


~ Quiet the Wilder
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