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A poem about giving love freely.
The flower of life that breeds light to the earth and the soul of a woman is of the same worth.
There's an abundance of love when shadows lift, I sprinkle my heart and spirit I gift.

The flower that grows to a woman's heart beats softly and clearly, this is fine art.
Take a woman's hand and lead her to love, the love you know which comes from above.

A beating heart shines bright with love, deep in her soul, her spirits alive.
In her eyes is a world of wonder, nothing greater than female thunder.

Man will not admit that he needs a woman's touch, he only thinks for himself, he asks for way too much.
I have learned a woman's way is forward' the hearts of men need to give love and care unrivaled.

Show some love to a woman today' she'll respond calmly and won't lead you astray.
Love is the greatest gift of all, share it upon women who feel so small.

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