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A story idea that randomly came to me.
“Excuse me,” My voice is on the edge of annoyance. I had said that exact line millions of times to these same people. They turn to look at me. Their leader was named Jessica, who was also my cousin.
“Oh Blaze, sorry we didn’t hear you.” My cousin was so set on having everyone hate me. I don’t know why, I was already an outcast by the time I started third grade. Rolling my eyes I pushed past them and continued on my way. Today was the last day of school,thank goodness. I would have a peaceful summer without my personal bullies. My mom, just like me, doesn't care much for my father’s sister's family.
I have always wondered why my cousin would hate me so much. I couldn’t think of a single reason why she would. I have grown to accept and not care much for what my cousin thought.
I was nothing like my cousin at all. She was that beautiful popular girl while I was no one. My cousin always had the most beautiful ivory complexion. Her red hair was always curled in the most delicate curls. I on the other hand was always tanned and had unruly black curls. Jessica, since a little child, had had a crush on the prince, Etalon. I, on the other hand, had thought all princes were spoiled, rich, and very arrogant.
The final bell rang, and I left to have a peaceful summer.

My peaceful summer ended when my mother shook me awake at eight o’clock not two weeks after the last day of school.
“What is it?”I groaned.
“The prince is going to choose a wife from here. I know you don’t care, but he said anyone who doesn’t go, will be arrested.” I groaned again.
“Hurry. You don’t have long.” I got up and walked to my closet. I pulled on a short sweater dress and a nice pair of light brown tall boots. I pulled my hair into a low messy bun. My hair, being extremely annoying, is already starting to fall out of the bun. My mom was waiting for me outside. Together we walked to the city square.
I spotted Jessica standing with my aunt and my uncle. I was not surprised to see she was in some of the nicest clothes I had ever seen her wear. She was wearing a short white dress that went to the middle of her thigh, she wore a tan jacket that had white fur around the top and the sleeves. She wore white high heeled boots.
I looked around and noticed every girl was wearing fancy clothes, with their makeup spotless. I felt the need to laugh at these girls. They all were trying so hard, the guy could only choose one person. I was only here, so my parents and I wouldn’t be arrested.
The sound of trumpets announced the arrival of Prince Etalon. Everyone went extremely quiet. I could see all the girls change their positions to make sure they could be seen.
The prince walked into view. He was wearing a tunic that was not short in gold lacework and rich embroidery, his cloak held the royal family coat of arms. His dark chocolate brown hair was neat and tidy.
“Would all the females from eighteen to twenty one step forward. His majesty will now choose his future wife.” I stepped forward with all the other girls. I just barely turned eighteen not two months ago. Too bad for me. I could see my cousin, she was standing, positioning herself right in the prince's line of vision. I stood the best I could behind trying to hide myself. I was a hundred percent sure he wouldn’t choose me, but I still didn’t want to risk it. The prince swept his gaze passing through everyone. Back and forth he looked. His gaze stopped in my cousin's area. He smirked and kept looking. His gaze stopped in my area and this time it completely stopped. He turned and walked to the announcement man and then started walking through the crowd. Everyone parted as he walked. I fell into line behind a girl who seemed really tall. I couldn’t see where he was going, but I could hear the clicking of his shiny black boots. It stopped in my area. People started to shift moving to the side straight towards me. I moved with them, not knowing what he was going to do. He walked down and stopped right in front of me. Then he turned and smiled at me. My brain just stopped, it wouldn’t even let me think of all the questions and possible reasons why he would choose me. I was the only girl who didn’t want him to choose me.
“This will be my new wife.” I looked around shocked and a bit angry. I found my mother looking just as surprised as me, I also found Jessica. She was seething with anger.
“Why her? She is just a ugly girl who never even tried to look decent. You could have anything but you choose my cousin who is just like her dead father, who always acted like he was better than others.” I knew my cousin disliked me, but I was so unaware that she hated me with so much passion. Everyone turned to look at her and gasped. The prince’s face showed anger. He turned to her slowly. You could tell Jessica regretted saying anything.
“You dislike my choice? May I ask why?” The prince's voice was coated in anger, but it also helped a bit of amusement. It seemed like he enjoyed a bit of fun here and there.
Jessica blushed under all of the attention, “She has always acted like she was better than everyone since third grade. My mother always tells me about when her father was still alive, he acted the same way. She Inherited the beautiful black hair of her father and my mother, while I inherited my fathers red.” Her embarrassed blush deepened as her confession came out. I could hear my mother, her mother, and her father all gasp.
“I think that was extremely rude. I have never heard anyone say anything like that to a family member, and especially not in front of a prince. What should her punishment be?” The prince turned and said the last part to me. I stood there not knowing what to do.
“You can choose what her punishment is, because everything she said was about you.” He looked at me expectantly.
“I suppose we should just leave her to her own misery, I’m sure she is already doing so.” The princes face showed surprise for a split second before turned and said,
“Very well. Let us be off, my men will pack you bags and bring them to the castle as soon as possible.” He held his arm out to me, taking his arm, he walked me back to his sleek black car. I wasn’t the type of person to care or know much about cars. He, like a gentleman, opened the door for me. I was starting to think a bit differently about princes, because Etalon was being quite nice now. We didn’t speak at all during the ride to the castle. I looked in awe at the castle. I had never seen a castle. It looked like a fairytale castle you would see in movies and read about in books.
“I’m glad to see you like it.” I could hear the chuckle in his voice. I had nearly forgotten he was there.
The castle was huge. It was built with giant limestone bricks.
“Come with me, I will show you your new room. I don’t have much time. I will help you find your wedding planner so you can help her.”
“How soon is the wedding gonna be?” My voice was a bit shaky.
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