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It's not a bad day.
The Adventures Of David And Connie-Friday The 13'TH

By Shadowgate

March 13, 2015, Friday

13-year-old David and eight-year-old Connie O'Connor woke up. They both showered and got ready for school. At the table they ate their cereal and toast. David said "I hope things aren't too bad this Friday the 13'Th."

Connie snapped "David you don't honestly believe in that Friday the 13'Th superstition do you?"

David said "I wouldn't be quick to doubt it."
All of the sudden the blender blew up.

Connie and David both looked up and saw their mother Linda covered in juice.

"Goddamn it!"

David said "well sis does the blender blow usually blow up like that?"

Connie answered "I'm sure Friday the 13'Th has nothing to do with it. Mom just has trouble with technology."

David and Connie laughed.

Linda said "this is no time for laughing one of us or all of us could have been hurt."
David said "I told you didn't I Connie?"

Linda turned around and said "told her what?"

David replied "I told my sister Friday the 13'Th was a day of unlucky events."

Linda then asked "David now you don't really believe that do you?"

David responded with the following question "well how often does the blender blow up on you when you use it?"

Linda replied "it's a coincidence this happened on Friday the 13'Th."

David said "no it's not."
Linda argued back "I don't have time for this nonsense."

Linda got a call on her cellphone and she answered it.


"Linda Cheryl and I just got breaking news on my TV set that your kids' school bus crashed into a ditch."

Linda yelled "You're kidding!"

Cheryl said "so if Connie is going to school you'll have to drive her. David's bus should be okay."

David walked out the door before Linda could get off the phone and he got on his bus.

When Linda hung up the cellphone, she told Connie about everything and she would have to drive Connie to school.

The ride to school consisted of Linda screaming at other drivers, being stressed out, and then questioning Connie about homework and everything else. Connie now believed her brother when he told her Friday the 13th was not pretty.


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