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by Jeff
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A free verse poem about getting older.
When did everything change?
I’m now softer and slower but smarter,
wisdom and experience replacing youthful vitality.
I’m now the person expected to have the answers,
instead of the one asking for them.
I’m now thinking about my own mortality,
rather than ways I can live forever.

There’s no going back.
To the innocent blush of youth,
To the eagerness of inexperience,
To the carefree existence of a child.

All of a sudden, I’m over the hill
instead of still climbing up.
And now it’s more about leaving a lasting legacy,
knowing none of us will live beyond our limited years.
The sands of the hourglass become more precious,
their scarcity infuses them with ever-increasing value.

To our detriment as well as our great benefit,
Everyone crosses the Rubicon sooner or later.


19 lines

Form: Free Verse

Written For: "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest
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