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by ash
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inspired by a moment I had outside the other day
I stared at the sky and took a deep breath in.
The smell of flowers swirled around my hair from the wind.

I close my eyes and reminisce in the feeling of being connected to nature.
I was looking forward to seeing the moon and its progression later.

This was my favorite kind of weather,
even as a kid when my brother and I enjoyed it together.

While mostly everyone prefers the warmer, sunny days,
I like to sit outside watching the clouds, away from the sun rays.

Rainy days can often negatively impact my mood,
but the wind before the storm often makes me feel renewed.

My fingers brush against the delicate petals of a lilac bush,
the wind swallowing up my words, telling me to shush.

I didn't happen to have anything to say,
this setting always makes me feel some type of way.
There's so many flowers and trees at my display.
I watched as the sky continued to fill with more gray.

I walked down the driveway, fresh air continuing to fill my lungs.
Birds chirping in my ear, speaking in tongues.

The air was a bit chilly, giving me goosebumps.
I decided to go inside, passing a couple tree stumps.

Reality then settled back in,
but the breeze did feel good against my skin.
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