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by ash
Rated: E · Poetry · Mystery · #2296636
it's all around us, so many interpretations
Light and darkness fill every room, trying to overpower the other,
until one eventually wins.
Some spaces are filled with light, a sense of innocence,
others are filled with darkness, a representation of sins.

I'd like to believe that everyone has light and darkness in their lives,
some rooms darker than others.
Kids grow up, time depleting their bedrooms of colors.

Sometimes people need that light in their struggling existence.
Some don't and would rather sit in their pitiful misery,
keeping their distance.

But light and darkness are important to ensure a balance amongst all things,
life is full of invisible strings.

Invisible, yet they shape our course,
binding us together with unseen force.

I interpret the light and darkness in my own way,
they both help me with coping, taking some of the pain away.

Both are so natural yet different in how they make me feel,
the light filling the room with natural positivity, it's ideal.
Yet there's something so mysteriously alluring about the darkness,
whispers of secrets waiting for their reveal.

I'll continue to go through each day,
either sitting on the shoulders of my subconscious,
messing with my thoughts until I go to sleep and fall unconscious.
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