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"The Dance"

Saturday night. The music was bumping. The dance club was called, 'Shakers'- I was at the bar, awaiting my Jack n Coke.
If it wasn't for Frank and Melissa's persuasion, I wouldn't even be there. Dancing is not my forte. It was more their thing, as they were strutting their stuff on the dance floor. I saw them from a distance, waving me over. I raised my glass and shook my head.

Suddenly, someone bumped into me and almost spilled my drink. I turned and I was about to say, What the hell? Then, I literally froze when I saw her.
Her strawberry-blonde hair was in a clip. She had on a blue satin top and white dress pants. No idea at the moment what style of shoe she was wearing, for I was lost in her ocean-blue eyes.

"I'm sorry", she said. "It's so crowded in here."
I wanted to answer her, but the words wouldn't come out.
"Hello?", She said, while she motioned the palm of her hand, in front of my face.
Somehow, I shook the cobwebs. "Hi there", I said. "No worries, it is crowded, I agree. Buy you a drink?"
I couldn't believe I said the words. She smiled, placing a hand on my arm, and squeezed. "Sure, I'd love that."

The bartender handed her a blue Hawaiian. Holding the straw between her fingers, she took a slow sip.
"I love your brown eyes", she said.
"Thanks, I love your- everything." It had to have been the cutest giggle I've ever heard, and she just looked stunning.
"So, are you gonna ask me to dance?" Forgetting I didn't know how, I answered, "Yes, of course. Would you like to da-"
"Yup." She grabbed my hand and led the way to the floor.
Frank and Melissa were still groovin', and they gave me the nod, that says, That a boy, more like it.
I did my best, moving my arms, swaying my hips, and looking at other people to see if I was doing it right. It was close enough, she wasn't complaining.
Suddenly, everything slowed down, as the song, 'Only Time', by Enya began. Our eyes met, I took one of her hands, reached around her waist, pulling her in close.

She didn't hesitate one bit. At that moment, her head rested on my shoulder. I could smell the Coconut and lavender in her hair. The song ended and a techno song began. Other couples picked up their pace, including my friends, yet her head remained where it was, while she squeezed her arms around my waist tighter. It was like time had stopped, and I didn't want it to start again.
Finally, she looked up at me, attempting to escape my arms. I held on tight. The prettiest smile I had ever seen. My lips connected to hers, fourth of July fireworks going off in my mind. We released the kiss, still staring, admiring each other. That was the exact moment, I fell in love with my wife.

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