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by Naomi
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I wrote this in the year 2019 in my travel notebook

I went home last Monday
March 04, 2019 exactly
To attend the birthday of Nang Evie
My sister and a hero to me.

I knocked your door like the way I used to do
You opened it with eagerness as usual you know
The three knocks so very familiar to you
Knocks from your daughter, Naomi Abenido.

You hugged me so tight with a smile so wide
You kissed my cheeks side by side
Your loving and caring words: Did you
have breakfast?
"I did!" I quickly replied or she would cook so fast.

I gave her a new sandal and a new dress
She wore it right away with much eagerness
She looks so lovely with so much
Laughters filled the room with her

Mama, when you were young until now you love wearing nice dresses
Our smart Mama who wears fashion with ease
A hairdresser, a dressmaker, a cook and so many more
Making us loving you with so much respect and honor.

How fast time flies you will be 92 soon in September
You told me that you miss Papa Mauro our father dear
"I know Ma" I answered in a whisper
I looked down because I shed a tear.

It was only an overnight visit in your room I slept
After the birthday party I put my body to rest
We talked for a while and you mentioned the goodboy Luis
" I have him in my prayer. Do not worry I know your wish "

Mama can always read my mind, even before then
She knows when I am sad, happy , truly a motherhen
Before we said goodnight she told me so firmly
"Always pray the Holy Rosary" Yes !
I replied "Ma, Yes. Daily."

Mama, as I watched you sleeping at the Master's bed
You look so beautiful, body curled down your head
In my thoughts" Dear GOD, when it is time for my Mama to go
Please do not give her pain. Please, No."

I left early morning back to the city
You offered me food and a cup of steaming hot coffee
Mama, our everloving dearest Mama
I placed her hand in my forehead:
Please bless me, I go now Mama.

It was a short visit, a quality time
With my loved ones so close to heart of mine
I look forward to see you again in May
A day so important, an Election Day.

I will see you again Mama please stay healthy
I will see you again Mama , I look forward to that day.

Note :
I am cleaning one of my attache cases and I found the small travel notebook inside a bigger notebook wherein I wrote one of the books of my writings.
This morning..

Our Mama is now 96 years old. Our youngest brother just opened a Seafood Restaurant in her name in our village where scubadivers are many. The restaurant is a big hit and when our Mama sits in one of the corners for a few minutes diners love to take pictures of her and talk to her and she replies with wit and humor.
Everybody loves MAMA. She is always a darling and always will.
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