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It happened a long time ago, but its one memory that he will never forget.
Sam put his gym bag in the back seat of his car. When he looked up he had to take a second look. He quickly walked over to a man getting out of his car.

"Is that you, Lucas McBride."

Lucas turned around and with a tense voice said "yes."

Lucas immediately recognized Sam. This guy liked to be called Samson when they were kids. In high school he used to terrorize Lucas chasing him after school and if he caught Lucas he would beat the hell out of him. Lucas didn't have a chance considering Sam was three years older than him and very strong.

"Lucas do you remember the fun times we used to have."

"Sam, that was a long time ago. This is now."

Sam gave Lucas a playful punch on the shoulder and said, "Oh the memories."

Lucas gave him a look and Sam quickly withdrew his hand.

"Anyway Lucas what happened to you. Did you drop out of school or what?

"No, my dad got a better job in Texas and we moved there."

"That's fascinating, but gotta run. Got an very important meeting with a International company that could make me a lot of money."

Lucas shakes his head. "What a ass!"

Later that day Sam shows up for his meeting and is very excited about this deal. He noticed the office was very impressive as he is escorted to the conference room.

"You will be meeting the CEO."

An hour later Sam ask, "Will it be much longer?"

"No, in fact, here he is now."

In walks Lucas wearing a $5000 Brioni Suit. Lucas grins, "You look like you've been punched in the gut buddy, but don't worry there is more to come. Like you said, "Lets remember the fun times we had."
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