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Julius promotes; Seth performs; the audience awaits Elvis! Live!
Mic Drop
WC 274

I find Seth hiding in his dressing room. He’s wearing his Elvis suit, so that’s encouraging.

What are you doing hiding in here?”

“It’s cozy. It’s private. It’s safe.”

"That it is, but you're the star of the show,” I remind him. "There's a theater filled with fans waiting for you to perform Blue Hawaii. Looks like a nice group of people. And they each forked over fifty dollars."

"I'm not Elvis. I’m a fraud, an imposter! He’s dead and has been forever. "

“That’s why we’re doing this, buddy! To capitalize on that fact!”

Seth is an imposter, true, but he’s a good one. His voice is spot-on. And he does look a bit like Elvis. A bit. Well, maybe without the wig not so much.

"They know you aren't the King, but they miss him." I use my most convincing tone. " When you sing those songs he made famous, it makes them happy, remembering when he was alive."

I know he has grown tired of his Elvis act, but it keeps his family fed, as well as mine.

"Let's just do this one last show. What do you say?"

"You say that every time, Julius! ‘Just do this one last show!’."

He rips off his Elvis wig, slips into his coat, and slams out the door without another word.

So now I'll have to refund their money, eat the cost of the venue...

I walk across the stage, grab the microphone, and rip off the band-aid.

"Elvis has left the building," I announce, drop the mic, and exit stage left quickly, because they’re all shook up!
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