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Nightlife has become besieged by the ominous threat of devastation - a sad, artistic poem.
Blessed by the righteous souls
Of space and premise -
Equally spurned by the seams
Of parallels
And supporting ranks;
A new siren eclipses
The night’s whirlwind rarity,
Staggering in the breeze
Of those humble victors of virtue
And splendored arches -
And the dust shall slowly
And eerily settle
Amongst the maze of gruesome shadows…

As officials examine the bloody,
Despicable wrath of this horrid scene,
Parents, teachers, coaches, friends,
And loved ones recoil at the grotesque harms
Besetting the nature
Of these decent morals;
This inhumane calamity shall hear
The voices of society’s greatest forebears -
The mighty shall implore the highest bar
Of understanding and clarity -
And future reverence
For wholesome wisdom and praise
Shall blanket the community 
In its gratified and saddened drives 
For change. 

But citizens seeking a relaxing,
Pleasurable nightlife
Become fatally muted by the mesmerizing,
Destabilizing substance -
The combination of agitated rancor,
Viable and attainable weapons
Restricted by the laws which are never enforced,
And mental disturbances
Of the human genome
Known as bee-lined, vacuumed,
Button-downed stereotypes and norms
Of minimal pride and perception,
Engender those hazards
In the celebratory world
Of evening bliss…

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