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Baby 9 has his first birthday.
I spent the first few hours of the day in the Sanctuary of A1, being groomed for my special day. The day I join the Toddlers. Hello there, it's me again. Baby 9, the infant. But today that changes. I've already started walking and growing teeth in preparation of this day. A whole year since I saw the my first light. I've been waiting for this day a long time, and I'm glad you could join me for this momentous occasion.

A1 brought be down the Forbidden Steps, and standing to greet me in the Feeding Room was Dadly Momster, talking with my old friend Teen 4. They both smiled warmly at me and said hello. I smiled back. This was going to be a wonderful day.

The day progressed as usual, but I could hardly contain my excitement. At last, the time came. Dadly Momster approached me with a smile.

"Baby 9," Dadly Momster said formally, an unusual brand of speech for me. I perked up, staring at her intently. Dadly Momster continued her speech, "Baby 9, from this moment on, you will not be called Baby 9, but Toddler 9."

Baby 9--no, Toddler 9 smiled at Dadly Momster as a crowd formed.

"I bestow upon you these three gifts, Toddler 9," Dadly Momster said, setting in front of me three wrapped objects. "You may open them."

Inside the wrapping paper of the first gift was a tiny, toy helicopter. Inside the second was a toy hammer and toy nails. The third contained my favorite toy of all...a green, truck-shaped pop-it. I looked up Dadly Momster, then the crowd. I smiled. This was an amazing Toddlerhood Ceremony, I knew that.
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