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Getting out on the weekend - a fun and relaxing day - a poem.
We appear to stew and spare
Each their rhythmic altruism -
Inclined to be spot-on,
Yet clueless and auspicious
And quite austere;
The familial journey,
With its atrocious atmosphere,
Is laden with despairing
And dissipating hiccups. 
We shoulder as much temperate
And mild joy as we can shake
From our canisters of sugar,
Filling our mouths
With delicious coffee
And juices…

Our devices await those enjoyable,
Delicate, deceitful energies
And contemporaneous mentions -
We explode through our enterprises
Such as television programming
And studies with a strutting,
Strident gear;
Then meals are smartly enjoyed
With the household’s enjoyable
And engaging guests -
A social experience
In which our relations
Might be furthered
As prominent BFF’s
Instead of the most irritating
And ambivalent ties
And romantic connections. 

Then we find a place to go,
Somehow leaving this rich habitat
For an outdoor adventure or party,
Or regularly scheduled sport or hobby,
To manage the homely
And capable captivity
With an enterprising, fun journey -
Escaping the normally predictable
And duplicitous rigamarole
For a reason -
A forgiving,
Formative outlet…

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