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A poem about my recovery from alcohol
On My Way

Everything seemed so bleak,
and my will was so weak
In the end I sought death,
sought it with each breath
But to my surprise,
God came in disguise
In the form of an old man,
reaching out with wrinkled hand

He said above all be honest,
but a new life was promised
So I started the journey,
although I still felt unworthy
The greatest test was surrender,
and at first I was a pretender
Although I persevered,
the cravings at first reappeared

And now many years later,
I can still be a dictator
Because the foe is my thinking,
which at times is still stinking
But all I have is reprieve,
and my mind seeks to deceive
And pull me back to that lair,
and once again fall in despair

Because it is all just my life,
and like any filled with strife
But I have a new power source,
to help me run this course
This new life shunned by some,
to me is quite wholesome
And troubles at time increase,
but today I meet them in peace
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