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by Punji
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This poem is about a girl confessing her love by a flower her love would understand her.
A flower is all that was,
But not to her.
She gave away her everything,
Along with that flower.

It was not only a simple flower
That she gave to him,
But whole feelings of hers,
Which she had kept suppressing.

Her emotions deeply imbued
In each of the petals,
As if they each contained
A piece of her soul.

Hoping her emotions
Would be understood
Through that flower,
It was all she could give.

In the realm where
Language and words
Reached their extent,
Her feelings remained.

Passing on the caressed flower,
"I love you," she whispered,
Realizing the world's cruelty
When it was all she could say.

For others,
It was just a three-word confession,
But for her,
It carried every possible emotion
Given to her beloved.

Unseen feelings and untold words,
All the unknowns hidden from others.
She gave away her everything,
Including her life,
With those flowers
And those words.
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