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Chapter 5

Sara was just about to shut down her computer, when she noticed more mail in her in-box. She couldn’t help but smile as she realized it was again from Ollie, and he responded almost immediately to her missive. Frowning slightly, she broke into giggles when she realized what must have happened. He obviously sent his e-mail before finishing it.

Rather than reply right away, she decided to wait and see if he would follow it with an explanation. Sure enough, one was in her in-box within minutes.

Clicking it open, she laughed out loud as soon as she read his message.

Dear Sara,

I guess by now you know. I’m out of control! I’m a lunatic! Not really, but I pressed “send” by mistake. Your writing had an impact on me, but I guess that’s obvious. I wish I could convince you that I’m not weird, but I also realize the more I say, the less credibility I have in that department.

So I’ll just say goodnight and hope that you’ll find it in your heart to take pity on this hopeless goofball and write back to me if only to tell me to get lost.

Thanks for listening,

Sara sighed in response, then giggled again. There was something disarming and lovable about this “Ollie” that caused her to let down her guard just a bit. She debated whether to wait until morning to respond, but decided to take the kind route and let him off the hook.

She quickly typed her short reply:

Dear Ollie,
Don’t worry about the e-mail. I’ve done that myself more times than I can count. As for all your reviews – they really did mean a lot to me. I looked at your portfolio and was impressed, but I want to review you when I’m more awake and can do justice to your work. It’s after 3 AM here and I need to try to get a little sleep.

And I don’t think you are a lunatic. You made me laugh! I’ll write you more tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for making me smile.


Oliver broke into a wide grin of relief as he read her e-mail, taking note of her promise to write to him the following day.

Beyond that he was happy to learn that she lived on the East Coast, the side of the country he, too, thought of as home. In just an evening’s time they’d both formed a fragile and at the same time mutually supportive relationship – one neither had anticipated and one that neither one could turn away from.

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