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A small town is haunted by mysterious things...
The blue sky fit perfectly with the forest as I entered Greenton, a small town next to the lake looked so peaceful. I'm so glad to have chosen this place to work in. The highway was a beautiful drive through the thick forest. The weather was prefect for late spring, just 24*C. I could see a bit of snow near the tops of the mountains around the town. The crisp mountain air was so much better then the city air of Vancouver. I stopped a couple of times just to enjoy the scenery and take a few pictures, good thing I'm a photo nut, my parents wouldn't believe this place.
I passed the entry sign and saw that the highway ended here in Greenton, the end of the road. The welcoming sign was a bit aged but you could still get the idea of the town. The population of the town read 2,000, I wondered if i was the oddball out of the town being number 2,001.

The town had a few cars here and there and a few people walking and talking, I didn't receive many looks or waves, but I'm sure I will get them in a few weeks. I smiled and pulled into the street named Wooden, then took a quick glance at the map and saw that I should turn left on to Halo, and then look for house number 457.
The map didn't lie and I was in my driveway in seconds. I arrived and saw my new house for the first time. The two story white house had a small deck over the open garage and a few windows in the front. The front yard had a neat lawn with a few evergreens around it. Just like the web page said it was like. I parked my little blue car under the deck and got out of the car. It felt good to stand again.
I took a small walk around the yard and saw a small garden area set out in the backyard. The brownish fence stood tall and had a few dog claw marks on them. I could hear a few squirrels chattering and some birds chirping. When I arrived at the front yard I saw a red car pull up in to the driveway I walked to the car where Mr. Vacum, my new boss, stood up.
"Hello Mark," Mr. Vacum greeted getting out of the car.
"Good day to you sir," I said.
"So do you like your house?" he asked looking it over with his brown eyes that matched his the brown that mix with his grey hair.
"I just got here a few seconds ago," I answered with a smile," Haven't been inside yet."
"Admiring the land right?" he asked with a smirk.
"You bet," I replied," This place beats Vancouver by a long shot."
"I'm here to welcome you to Greenton," he said giving me a pat on the back," and to tell you that you begin on Wednesday at 9:30."
"Where do I go?" I asked a bit nervous.
"On the Main Street there's a big blue building go in the front door and talk to who ever is working the front desk and tell them who you are," Mr. Vacum explained," they'll love to help you."
"Ok," I said relieved," I'll be there."
"Good man," Mr. Vacum said," See you then."
I gave him a hand shake and said," See ya."
He waved as he got in his red car and then drove away the direction he came.

With that I decided to enter my new home.
I choose to enter using the bottom door under the deck. I placed the key in and unlocked it then smiling I opened the door to see a large open room with gentle sunshine rays showing the light dust in the air. I began my journey in my new house. I discouvered that the 2 level house had 2 bathrooms, one per floor, 3 bedrooms, all the same size, 2 living rooms, one in the basement, several closets and a port for the internet and 3 jack in ports for the TV. All the windows were clean, the walls were recently painted (standard practice in moving process), the sinks were cleaned and the stove, fridge and dishwasher, both in good condition, were left.
As I was running some cool water from under the taps the moving truck pulled into the driveway.
"Excellent," I said with joy as I walked down stairs and to the front door.
"Hello again Mr.Welton," the driver said, he was 30 years old and fairly new to the job," sorry that we're so late."
"You made it didn't you?" I smiled," So don't be ashamed."
"Ok," said the driver removing his hat and rubbing his head," where should we put everything?"
"Can I have all the appliances and the computer equipment brought upstairs and all the other boxes and the bed can go down stairs."
"Right," he said," Com'on Tom."
The driver called his bigger friend who was sitting in the truck.

We all begun to work and made great time moving all the items in. Soon it was sunset and the sky lit up with pinks and oranges then a cool breeze settled in.
"A couple more boxes left," the driver said as I passed him at the front door.
"Great," I said.
I picked up anouther box and turned and bumped into a tall man. He had a welcoming smile and said," Nice to meet you nieghbour."
"Nice to meet you too," I said looking him in the eyes," Sorry that I can't shake your arm."
"That's ok," He said," Let me help you."
With that he got himself a box and followed me into the house.
"Thanks for the help," I said after I placed the box down and finally shook his hand.
"That's alright," he said with a nice smile, his brown hair was clean and well kept. He was a bit taller and looked a bit stronger then myself.
"So what house do you live in?" I asked looking out the door.
"To the left of you," He said looking towards his house," I'm Travis, Travis Sherwold."
"Nice to meet you," I said.
"So what are you doing in Greenton?" Travis said with a smile.
"Working downtown," I replied," I'm the new computer networker for BioRazer."
"You're working there too?" Travis questioned with a bit of excitement.
"Of coarse," I replied then asked," do you work there?"
"Yep," He answered," about 60% of the town works for BioRazer."
"I never knew," I said astonished.
"It's a great company," Travis endorsed," You'll love it."

We continued our talk as we went and got the last two boxes, turns out Travis is a researcher for the chemical arm of BioRazer.

"Thanks for your help Travis," I said putting down the cardboard box with the name Kitchen on it.
"No problem," he answered," I'll see you later, I'll bring my wife over tomorrow to meet you."
"That'd be nice to meet more nieghbours," I said with a smile leading Travis to the front door. The orange sunlight sky was now very light and the temperature had dropped a bit.
Travis shook my hand once again then said, "Beware of the fog."
With that he walked out the door and went to his house.
The Driver and his partner said their good byes and got back into their truck and went down the road.

I knew I had the big job of putting chaos into order.
I begun with the kitchen and then moved over to my bedroom, which is located in the basement bedroom. At 8 o'clock I plugged in the TV and discouvered that I had a preview from the local cable office. There were 40 channels that included a Main Street Camera, which is rather popular in small towns.
I began to watch the Main Street cam and I began to wonder about what Travis said about the fog. After about 5 minutes of heavy thought, I decided that they must get very dense fog and it must be dangerous to drive or to be in.
After a bit more TV I decided that I should set up the main bathroom upstairs then go to bed. Yet again I found the bathroom to be extremely clean not a spot anywhere. I placed all of my care products: Q-tips, cologne, shampoos, toothpaste and bushes around the room and put the fuzzy blue bathmat on the side of the bathtub.
With that complete, I brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom and then went to my soft bed and had a good night sleep.

Encounters With The Locals

I awoke at 9 and remembered that I didn't have any food because I saved space in the car.
I got dressed and brushed my teeth and checked my short black hair. Then walked out to the car in the light sunshine. It was a bit cool, so I grabbed a jacket on my way out. I locked the door and armed with my credit card I set out in search for a food store.

I quickly found one and it had just opened for the day a few minutes before I arrived. I walked in and received smiles from the attendants in the supermarket. After spending a bit in the supermarket aisles I emerged at the pay counter and got a few questions asked.
"Haven't seen you around," the cashier with some nice long blonde hair Alice(it said on her name tag) said.
"Just moved in yesterday," I answered checking the prices on the little screen.
"Welcome to the town then," she said with a smile.
"That’s on sale," I said pointing out the bananas.
"Thanks," she said checking her prices,” So why have to you come to Greenton?"
"I'm the new networker at BioRazer,” I replied feeling a little geeky.
"Anouther one for the razer." she said and continued to scan the food products.
After the cart was reloaded I took the groceries to the car with the help of a young teen.

Back at home I put the groceries away and had a bowl of kiddie cereal, because I could. Then after breakfast I continued putting my things away.

I was hanging my pictures up on the wall when the doorbell rang. I put down the hammer and walked down the stairs to the front door. I opened it to reveal Travis and a blonde woman with him.
"Hello Travis," I said with a welcoming smile.
"Hello Mark," he answered returning the smile.
"Is this your wife?" I asked extending my arm for a handshake.
"Yes I am," she said.
"Nice to meet you," I said and kissed her hand gently.
"Welcome to the neighborhood," she said with a flirting smile.
"Would you like to have a drink of coffee?" I invited.
"Sure," accepted Travis," That would be nice."
I put the coffee on and we had a conversation of how long Travis and his wife Sofia had been married and how they've lived in Greenton their entire lives.
We were having a great conversation.
"Yep," Travis said, "Greenton will have a ski resort by 2005."
"If they can get rid of the fog," added Sofia taking a sip of her coffee.
I turned to Travis and asked," What did you mean yesterday by beware of the fog?"
Sofia had a stunned look, so did Travis.
"What did I say?" I asked with my eyes darting back and foreword between Travis and Sofia.
"You, you don't know?" asked Sofia stunned setting down her coffee.
"Know what?" I asked puzzled.
"Listen Mark," Travis said putting his hand on my shoulder," did you hear a shriek last night?"
"Yes," I said, briefly remembering a shriek, with intrigue.
"What do you think it was?" Travis asked now with Sofia closer to him.
"A wolf?" I asked still puzzled.
"No,” Travis answered with a serious look in his eyes," there are packs. Packs Mark, of horrible looking monsters around here. They come at night, looking for food. They move across the town in the fog, with red glowing eyes and they scream and your blood runs cold when you hear them."
"Where did they come from?" I asked in disbelief.
"No one knows," Travis answered," They seem to be human like. They stand at about six feet tall and have fur over their bodies. On each hand are razer sharp claws that can slice a person open quick."
"Has anyone seen them up close?" I asked intrigued.
"Only one," Travis said looking around then out the window," Mr. Ian Frederick. Who lives across the street from you."
I was in a bit of a shock.
"He's not really a people person," Travis said using his fingers to create quotation marks.
"Hmm," I said thinking this over.
"It's best for you not to go out in to any fog," Sofia warned," they shut down the entire town when there's fog."
"Thanks for the advice," I said then asked," Do you know any other information?"
"Only that the fog can only cross the park and not originate from there." Travis said.
"Lock your doors every night," Sofia said," They know how to open them."
"I will," I answered and nodded my head.

We continued talking about local events that didn't concern the fog.
Soon it was 4 and Travis and Sofia left and went home while I stayed and continued to sort my house into order.
I made myself dinner and ate it infornt of the gas fireplace. I watched the 6 o'clock news on the local station named GCTV.
It was a good news program, it had international news first, then local news, not much of that, then entertainment news and finally weather.
"We have a fog warning up tonight," said the weather man with a very white smile," so best not to go outside or drive."

I watched the remaining of the news that included sports, then watched the music video channel looking for some good songs.
I was done my dinner and continued to sort my house and put it into order.
All of the posters where up, the kitchen, bathroom and my bedroom were at 100%. I had begun to hook up my computer system and everything else was about half way done.
At 10 o'clock I decided to go to bed. I passed the front window to see some light mist and thought, Why would I be afraid of that? And I continued on to brush my teeth.

I passed by the window again and saw some more light mist in the light from the lamp, I felt a bit nervous so I checked the door and made sure they were locked.
I retried to my bedroom and turned on the lamp and begun to read my book and soon I looked out the window to see that the fog has come closer to the house. The dancing light mist hovered above the ground and some of the mist made the street look like a classic horror film graveyard. I closed the blinds and locked the window and sat in my bed and continued to read my book.

Soon 11 rolled around and I finished my page and placed the bookmark in. As I put the book down on my night table a strange shriek that sounded like a strange song filled the air. I froze for a second then turned off the lamp. I lowered myself under the covers and placed my head on my two pillows. The soft covers relaxed me and I soon begun to fall asleep.

As I was about to slip into dreamland an earth shattering scream filled my head and I sat up straight. A droplet of sweat fell down off my face and I turned to see the fog had taken on a green tint. The fog filled the view from my window and I could not see anything pass the trees in the front lawn.
I lied back down and wiped my head. My heart was beating quicker then I could ever blink. Soon my heart rate settled back down to normal speed and I looked outside and saw a shadow flash across the window.
I gasped. I froze. Anouther flew by. Whispers filled the air. The whispers weren't human. Then came a pricing shriek. The shadows kept dashing pass the window. More screams filled the air, my boxers and t-shirt that I had on were now soaked with sweat, my teeth were chattering and I sat holding my knees in the corner on top of my pillows.
I heard scrapping on the walls, the scrapping sounded like metal scratching metal. Then a yellow knife shape came over the glass and red glowing eyes looked at me shaking in the corner. The creature opened its mouth and sent out a shriek out. Other eyes came closer and soon the clawing begun all around the house. Scratches at the door, the walls and the window infornt of me. The one outside begun to claw at the window quickly, and faster then before. Soon there were signs of the window breaking. The shrieks grew louder and faster making my ears hurt.
Then the scratching and clawing stopped, my heart didn't. The glowing red eyes turned and looked like they were listing to something. A second later I heard it too. A bark came from outside. An angry one. The creature outside my widow looked at the dog making the noise, then back at me, and then with blazing speed flew towards the noise.
A second later I could hear the flesh being ripped from the bone of the dog and the Fog Creatures rejoicing. The shrieks had a human feeling to it.
The rejoicing came to a stop when a gunshot went off.
There was then a roar of shrieks, they were mad. Too afraid to move I stayed huddling on my bed waiting.
Soon there was heavy movement outside and I hear clawing on a door from down the street somewhere. Anouther gun shot. The shrieks became louder and more furious. Anouther one followed by a scream from a man. More tearing this time followed by a female scream and the sound of glass being shattered.
I felt tears falling off of my face and I got up and slowly walked to the clawed window and shut the blinds fully.

First Day Of Work

I awoke in disbelief that I was still live after that nightmare. I was a bit shaky but I got up and I was going to make it to my first day of work. As I went up the stairs and went towards the kitchen I saw cop cars outside. The two cars had a few cops with them; assessing the damage of last night. The cops were a bit overweight in this town, but if they get the job done it doesn't matter to me.
I began to pour myself a bowl of cereal when a knock came at the door.
I went down the stairs and opened the door to see one of the larger policemen with black hair and a slimmer one who looked like a newbie to the force with short brown hair.
"Good morning sir," said the older one looking down at me.
"Good morning," I answered trying to have a cheerful voice.
"Were you aware of the incident last night?" the large one asked.
"Yes, I was," I answered.
"Was it the Fog Creatures?" asked the younger one.
I was astonished," Yes it was."
"Could you please tell what happened?" asked the bigger cop.
"Please come in," I offered," I'll have to sit to tell you."
I led them in and sat them down at the table and brought my cereal over.
"When did the incident happen?" asked the younger one taking out a note pad while I sat down.
"Close to 11," I begun," I was just about to fall asleep when I heard them sing some strange song."
"Ahh, the Chorus of the Damned," said the younger one writing.
"Then what happened," asked the large one looking huge on my chair.
"Then I looked up to see the fog had surrounded my house and had a green tint," I then remembered the horror," then came quick dashes of shadows across my window and then the glowing blood red eyes shawn through my windows looking at me."
"Hmm," the newbie said as he wrote in his book.
"Then the creature begun to scratch and call for the others," I explained," then there was a frenzy of claws scratching at my walls."
"What made them stop?" asked the older officer.
"They stopped because of a dog barking." I answered feeling some tears welling up.
"The Harris dog," answered the younger one.
"I heard the flesh ripped off its bones," I said and felt the tears coming," then came a gun shot."
"Harris," the big one with a sad tone.
"There was a few more shots until, I heard him scream," I begun to cry," then came female screams."
"It's alright," said the larger one.

After a few seconds and tears later I was feeling better the younger officer asked," Was that it?"
"Yes," I answered with a sob.
"Ok," said the bigger officer," Thank you for your help."
I showed the cops back to the door and saw them out. Then I went back to the table and ate my soggy cereal, in which case I like it soggy.
I got dressed after I brushed my teeth and then I got my hair ready and I was, in a way, ready for work. I locked my door as I walked out into the crisp morning air and saw a cop car parked at the end of my driveway. I looked back over at the house to see the perfect white paint job on my house was now ruined with huge scratch marks all over it. The downstairs windows had scratch marks all over them too.
I quickly got out after asking the cops to move their cars. As I left I saw the blood of Mr. Harris over his white house walls and the blood pool on the driveway where the dog had once been.

The Main Street was nice and had a lot of stores on it, it had a clothing store, a few restraurants, a post office and the town hall. Finding BioRazer was very easy, it was exactly where Mr. Vacum said it would be. I found a parking space just a few skips away from the front door. I locked my car door and walked with my briefcase beside the nice path set up for walkers near the dark blue building.
The big glass doors where easy to open and inside was a large fountain with the BioRazer (a big B and R circling around). Infornt of the fountain was a desk like Mr. Vacum said there would be. I walked up to the desk.
"Hello sir," said a brown haired woman with a ponytail.
"Hi," I responded," I'm Mark Welton, it's my first day here."
"Let's see," she said typing on a small computer keyboard infornt of her. A few seconds later she said," Mr. Welton you are to take that elevator over there," she pointed," to the 5th floor and go to room 14 and introduce yourself there."
"Thank you," I thanked.
"Have a nice day," she said with a smile.

Like she said I took the elevator with a different woman, she got off at the 3rd floor and I continued to the 5th where I got off and went to room 14.
Room 14 had a red door and has the number 14 in white paint above the door handle. I opened the door to see a few people sitting at a couple of computers while 3 were at a large round table in the center of the room.
One man at the table wearing a blue button up shirt and black pants with short black hair looked up and said," Hello, may we help you?"
"I'm Mark Welton," I answered feeling like everyone was looking at me.
"Ahh, yes," said the man," Welcome to networking. I'm James."
"Nice to meet you," I said walking closer then shaking his hand.
"So how has Greenton been for you?" asked a girl sitting at the table in red.
I sat down and then said," Some good and bad."
"Oh, no," said the girl in a red dress," did they get you?"
"Nope, but almost," I responded feeling sad.
"You best call this number," James said writing down a phone number on a Post It Note and handing it to me.
"What's this for?" I asked feeling a tear in my eye.
"They're the local insurance store," James answered," If the Fog Creatures attacked your house then they'll fix it for you."
"That’s good to know," I said with a smile.
"Ok," James said with a smile," Use the phone in my office, Room 15, cross the hall."
"Thanks," I said and took the number.
"Come back when you’re done," said the girl," and we'll begin working."
I walked across the narrow hallway and into Room 15, which has a small desk in the middle, a big fish tank in the back near the window and several abstract paintings.
I sat in the big chair and phoned up the insurance phone number. They asked where I lived and what happened. They said they'd send out a team with in the hour to fix the damage.

Feeling better I returned to Room 14.
"What did they say?" asked James as soon as I walked back into the room.
"They said they'd get on it," I answered with a weak smile.
"That’s great," James smiled," Now that your here and feeling better I'll introduce you to the team. The girl you've already met is Alice."
"Hi," said the red dressed girl looking up from here papers.
"Over there we have Tom," pointing to a bit overweight 25 year old then at a black woman," That's Knell."
They both turned and waved.
"This one is Scott," said James pointing at the other one at the table who looked a bit older then myself," and the last member is Mike over there in the corner."
They both waved hello.

James then showed me a tour of the office then took me down to Room 12 on floor 2 to show the memory storage room where everything was. Of course it was under heavy lock and key.
James then gave me my login ID of 5 letters and passwords and then gave me a tour of the network, which sported extremely good graphics and animation. Scott and Mike proudly took responsibility for that. By that time it was lunch and all of us in Room 14 went down to Floor -1 for lunch in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was clean, and sported a good atmosphere.

As I was eating my pizza when Travis came by.
"Hey nieghbour," Travis said as he sat down beside me.
"Hey," I greeted.
"So how do you like your job so far?" he asked setting up his plate.
"Nice people, good food, easy access around here," I recalled," No complains."
"That's great," Travis commented then asked in a serious tone," So did they get your house last night?"
"They almost got me," I said looking down at my pizza slice.
"My gosh," said Travis astonished," Good thing you lived. Did you call the number?"
"Yep," I answered looking back at Travis's face," James told me to," I then pointed to James at the other side of the rectangle table.
"Your in good hands," Travis smiled and waved towards James and went off towards the other side of the cafeteria.

After lunch I returned to Room 14 were James finished the tour of the interface and then he gave me a tour of the BioRazer building. We visited the ground floor that was tech support and ordering, then the second level was for researching products, 3 floor was testing ground and big rooms for meetings, then the fourth floor is for the other things, including us. Also the roof, which had a nice area for a meeting.
"So that wraps up the day," James said back at Room 14," James said.
"Hmm," I wondered.
"What is it?" asked James.
"Where does Travis Sherwold work?" I asked.
"Ah yes," James said," Best buddy Travis works in the basement in the Chemical Research Level. Very top secret, all hush, hush."
"I take it we're not allowed down there," I said in a kidish way.
"Nope," James said," why are you interested in Travis?"
"He's my nieghbour," I said," He told me of them."
"Sounds like your kinda mad at him," James said fixing his eyes on mine.
"Ya," I said lightly," a bit."
"As a Greenton citizen we're suppose to tell the newbies about them so they can live," James sighed," Sounds like Travis didn't tell you all the info."
"Neither did Sofia," I added.
"I'll have to have a chat with him," James said looking into Room 16's window," You can go home now, we're done now."
"Don't I have to write down my hours somewhere?" I asked.
"I'll show you how to do that tomorrow," James said with a smile.
"Then I'll see you tomorrow," I said," See you then."
James waved goodbye as the elevator door shut.

When I arrived home there was a big white truck with a few workers around the house.
When I pulled into the driveway, one with a yellow hard hat came up to me.
"Are you Mr. Mark Welton?" He asked checking his clipboard.
"Yep," I answered sitting buckled up.
"That's good," he said then looked at his clipboard again and said," There were a lot of scratch on the walls and front door and we had to replace the window."
"Ok," I said getting out of the car. The construction man walked me over to the front door where I could still smell the paint," how much will this cost?"
"Nothing," he said," If you're a citizen of this town then it's free."
"That's good," I said feeling better.
"All finished," said a shorter worker standing up.
"Great," said the yellow capped one.
"Thank you for your help," I thanked.
"Your welcome," he said," please visit our fundraising BBQ next week."
"I'll feel bad if I don't go," I said with a smile.
"Ok," He said and called the other worker looking over the house," We'll see you later."
"Hopefully not too soon," I joked.
With that the works filled up the white truck and drove away. I inspected the repair area and saw that the area that was attacked was all patched up. I could tell that there were many deep slashes on the door. I looked down and saw my baby flowers were now trampled and squashed. Then I spotted a footprint, and it wasn't a boot print. I bent down and saw that the foot print was extremely close to a human's foot print, except where the toes where suppose to be were 2 big claw marks, one for the big toe and the little one.
A deadly picture flooded my mind of a chase with these would end with them jumping and stabbing someone's back. I shuttered and headed inside.

That night I had homemade burgers and fries. The night was quiet like the first night. I surfed around the Internet and phoned home and told of my job and the nieghbours, but not the local monsters. At 10 I feverishly ran around the house checking all the blinds and checking the windows fearing the worse.
After checking the doors and windows I walked into my bedroom and turned on the lamp and closed the blinds down as far as they could go. I changed and then turned off my light and lied in bed and continued to read my book.
At 10:59 I turned out the lamp and snuggled into bed.

At 11:23 the Chorus of the Fog Creatures begun again. I froze, the sheiks filled the air. Had they come back for more? I swallowed, but my mouth was already dry. I felt a drop of sweat slip off my face. I looked towards the window and heard the pricing screams again. A scratch came from the door, then anouther at the window, then anouther call, this one was more like a hallow. Then the shrieks lessen down and it sounded like they were moving away.
My heart rate slowed down, I looked at the clock's red digits and fell into dreamland.

Meeting Ian Frederick

A couple of weeks had gone by and I had learned from my encounters with the people and creatures of the town on how to act. It was now late May and I felt like I was being watched when I did my front yard work from a house from across the street.

Then one Saturday I came walking out of the front door and saw a large middle-aged man bending over looking at my flowers that, that were once again, stomped by the Fog Creatures.
"May I help you?" I asked to the short grey haired man who wore a red jacket and white pants.
"Just checking these foot prints," he said not looking up," these are great."
"I'm Mark Welton," I said extending my arm.
"Look at these prints," he said still not looking up," did you water the plants last night?"
"Of course," I answered thinking of my superb gardening skills.
"Great," he said," Can I make a mold of the print?"
"Sure," I said a little baffled," But why are you going to?"
"Oh," he said astonished he stood up and extended his arm," I'm Ian Frederick, I live across the street. I find the Fog Creatures to be my line of work."
"Really," I said a little interested," Can you tell me a few of your findings?"
"You seem to be taking interest into this," he said itching his big beer belly.
"They could have got me," I begun," but.."
"They got the Harris's?" He finished.
I nodded.
"Don't blame yourself my boy, I'll be back in a second and mold me a new foot print."
With that the tubby man waddled back to his house that had a few evergreens hiding it in the May shade.
In 5 mins he came back with a cardboard box and a bucket. He set the box down and handed me the bucket and then instructed," Please fill the bucket with water, kid."
"Sure," I said with anticipation for the stories.
I brought the bucket back over to Ian and he held a plastic bag of pink powder.
"Thanks kid," Ian said as he poured the pink powder in and took a stick and stirred it around, the concoction became sticker and thicker and he poured it onto the ground were the footprint was.
He waited a minute and picked up the pink plastic mold. I looked and saw the foot on the pink plastic.
"Neat," I commented.
"Now come with me if you wish to know the stories," he invited. I followed him to his shadowed house.
We entered thought the basement door and I noticed a steel-barred door behind the wooden one, then I looked at the downstairs windows and saw they were barred as well.
"Looks like you don't like to have visitors," I said joking.
"You could say that," Mr. Fredickton said taking off his coat and hanging it up," You can keep your shoes on if you want."
"Ok," I said and followed him upstairs through the somewhat dark and dusty basement. Upstairs he led me to a big room that had bones, paintings, pictures and books in it. The room was like a showcase on the Fog Creatures.
"Wow," I said in astonishment.
"I take it you like my collection," he asked setting up a place for the new print.
"Now I know you must have good stories about them," I said still looking around and focused on the skull.
"Ahh," Mr. Frederick said as he waddled closer," the skull."
"It looks human," I said running my fingers across the bone," except the teeth."
"Yep," he answered right behind me," they're human."
"You mean..?" I trailed off.
"Yep," He said," Sit down and I'll tell you how they came to be."
I saw the chair beside him and sat down.
"About 15 years ago, BioRazer had set up shop here," he begun lowering his body into a chair," And I was the head of the chemical division of the company. We began a new chapter in the history off Greenton, the town went from 500 to 3,000 in 3 years and brought a lot of newbies. One by the name Scott Callionson. The kid came fresh from UIT and he acted different."
"What kind of different?" I asked a little confused.
"I don't really know," Ian answered scratching his head," but there are rumours that he worshiped Satan and hated the USA. But he did his work and that is what I wanted to see.
"Then on his second year he was building a chemical for the people at a zoo so the animals would be calmer and easier to help when sick. The chemical was finished and Scott held the container in his hand in the old lab deep underground at BioRazer. Then the unthinkable happened. While walking with the jar that held the chemical he was bumped by the biggest guy on the team and the jar fell and shattered to a million pieces."
"Bad move," I added.
"True, but then something strange happened," Mr. Frederick recalled," as soon as the chemical hit the ground a strange mist filled the air. I was in the containment area when this happened and I saw the mist cover the other side of the room in under a minute. I ordered the doors shut, because it was a leak and could escape. Standard procedure. And then came the birth. Behind the fog we heard screams, tortured screams that turned into shrieks. At the same time there was the most horrible peeling noise, it sounded like skin was being ripped off the bone and muscles. The screams and ripping noise lasted about 3 mins while I called the clean up crew and ordered for the water to be sprayed. Then came silence, eerie silence. Then came the eyes, the horrible red glowing eyes."
I remembered how bad they were watching me through my own window.
"The eyes came closer, and soon I saw what they looked like. They were about 5'10" with dark brown fur over their bodies, they had black hair that looked messy or spiked, and were once was 5 fingers were now 3 claws and where once was 5 toes was 2 claws on their feet. Much like that sketch over there," Mr. Frederick said pointing to a sketch in pencil crayons.

** Image ID #386833 Unavailable **

It gave me the chills.
"I was spooked, so I went to the elevator with a funny feeling. An attendant used the microphone to try to talk to them, but that set off a horrible reaction. They began to claw at the door and the window," Mr. Frederick recalled," I nervously pressed the elevator button and it opened as the door and glass was ripped apart. I jumped into the elevator and pressed 0. The creatures saw one and me came running, the door shut and its claws went right through the metal layer. As soon as I got to the top floor I had the elevator shaft shut down and barred. We let it stay that way for 3 days. Then I went down with a SWAT team to the bottom floor and opened it. We had gas masks on so we wouldn't inhale the gas, but we could smell the decaying bodies. The once neat and tidy room had blood on the walls, ceiling and floor and it was ripped apart, everything was destroyed. We then entered the big room to see that it was sliced and diced and they created a hole in the wall. On the floor was pile of skin. All the chemicals were spilt, there were some fires and there were droppings here and there. We entered the tunnel carrying machine guns. The tunnel traveled about half kilometer to an underground cavern, it was massive."
"What did you do then?" I asked sitting at the edge of my seat.
"We order a team to go find them but they were killed. So we cleaned up the floor, then sealed the wall with cement and blew it up. We were going to set poisons in the underground cavern, but that's were the town get it's water," answered Mr. Frederick.
"What happened then?" I asked excited about the story.
"BioRazer paid me a lot of cash to keep quiet," Ian Frederick explained," but then the attacks begun. The town was now seeing a mysterious green fog at the edges of the town and soon it moved inward. Where ever the fog went there was death. So BioRazer set up some scientific stations around the town. They saw the fog come and took reading with too see if it was poison-ness, it wasn't, Then they observed an attack from the creatures. Everyone was shocked."
"What kind of fog do they travel in?" I asked.
"Not ground, not convection," Mr. Frederick answered," the samples that measured the fog discouvered that it were from a human origin. It seems the chemical gave the Fog Creatures the power to create their own fog. Then the clean up crew found the chemical and discouvered that when Scott dropped the Chemical it hit water, oxygen and also Hmyititous."
"That's new," I said wondering back to my high school education.
"We made it," Mr. Frederick explained," from what we gathered the chemical mutated the people who was exposed to it, and one of the mutation was fog creation, so we named them the Fog Creatures. Of course the killings increased and soon we gathered information that they were breeding. Soon people were leaving. Then came the faithful night."
"Your family?" I asked.
"Correct," he answered," I had a wife and a teenaged daughter. I was working late one night thinking of a way to get rid of the fog, I finally came home at midnight and as I turned the corner I saw the fog down the street. So pulled into my driveway and then walked up to my door. I got to the door and saw that it wasn't shut but was, in fact, just barely hanging on the hinges. I ran in to see that I was too late," he begun to cry," all that remained was their bones that.... were ...blood soaked."
He all of a sudden a tear fell down his cheek.
"It's not your fault sir," I comforted.
"I know," he smiled whipping away his tear,"I just miss them."
"I'm sure they miss you too," I said with a gentle smile standing up and rubbing his shoulder.
A hiss came from the kitchen and Mr. Frederick stood up and with a jolly voice said,"Tea time, would you like some?"
"Sure," I accepted.
"Great," Ian said and as he passed me pinched my butt.
I sat down in a silent shock.
"So what do you like in your tea?" asked Ian from the kitchen.
"Just a little bit of sugar," I answered.
"Great," he said," I'm so glad you moved in. We haven't had a hunk like you in this town for a while. I thought this gay old man was going to go alone for the rest of his days.
I slowly got up.

"Mark?" asked Mr. Frederick asked walking into the empty living room.

The downstairs door slammed behind me.

I returned to my garden and tried getting the sick image of Mr. Frederick naked out of my head. Thoughts went through my head and I wondered who, if anyone, had power over the Fog Creatures?

Evil Findings

"How much longer are you going to take?" asked James eating his pizza slice.
"No idea," I answered over the keyboard," those chemist really screwed themselves up."
We'd been working on the network for most of the day after the workers caused a power outage. We had to go in and check all of the login names and check for missing files, each took about 30 minutes each.

10:30 rolled around and I came by the user name CalS, I sat there for a second then asked James," Hey James whose CalS?"
James on his computer searched for the name, then answered," No idea. What does he have in his folder?"
I looked it over then said," A few Word items, a game and a couple of photopaint slide shows."
"Who could it be?" James asked.
"Could it be Scott Callionson?" I asked.
"Couldn't be," James answered," he must be dead by now. And we erased his user name when he died."
"Hmm," I thought," Bring up his file," I said then slide my chair over to James table.
"Here it is," James answered.
I looked it over and it read that Scott Callionson came from UIT and was born in Canada and lived in America. He had no criminal record and on his UIT courses he had Chemistry, Psychics and an unnamed computer course.
"So?" asked James sitting back.
"This means that Scott maybe alive and keeping an eye on us," I answered.
All of a sudden an Instant Message popped up on my screen and I rolled back to my desk.

It read:
You have found me, prepare to die

"Shit," I cursed and ran to the window to see the Fog coming down Main Street.
"What?" James asked still at his desk.
"We need to get to a safe place!" I answered and began to run to the door, James followed.
"Quickly," I asked while running to the elevator," What does this building offer incase of Fog Creature attack!"
"We must get to the base floor!" James said catching up to me at the elevator door. It opened and we jumped in. As the doors shut we heard a smash of glass back in Room 15.

We reached the ground floor and looked outside to see the Fog was right there and Fog Creatures dropped from above.
"This way," James said leading me pass the BioRazer fountain then to steel door with a small window of it.
James slipped his ID card into the small scanner next to the handle then told me to do it, I did as well and the door opened as anouther window shattered. The room was filled with ear piercing shrieks. The Fog leaked into the building and I could hear glass crunching. The door shut and red glowing eyes filled the small window.
In the small room with benches and a few bags of chips and a table with a toilet.
"How often is this room used?" I asked sitting down still feeling my heart race.
"About 2 times per year," James answered as he sat down next to me.

For the next 7 hours they banged the door, scratched, tried to dig, and they tried to get at us from all angles. I tried to sleep but the constant scratching noises and screams keep me up. James slept for an hour or so.
Then at 5:34 something strange happened. There was silence.
"What happened?" I asked sitting up.
James got up and looked out the window, then with a smile said, "They're gone."
I jumped up and looked out and saw that they were, "But why?"
"The chemical responsible for the change in them wasn't exposed to sunlight so they hate the sun and other bright objects," answered James
"How do we get out?" I asked.
James gave me a blank look.

Looking Deeper

"What!?!" Shouted Travis, "You mean Scott Callionson is still alive!"
We were having a cup of coffee once again at my house; the day was anything but talk, talk, talk.
"Yep," I answered in a clam voice," He IM-ed me last night before he sent the Fog Creatures on me."
"This is out of this world," Travis said refilling his coffee mug.
"I know," I said looking deep into my dark coffee," I wonder how he survived?"
"I don't know," Travis answered then with a determined look said," But I want to find out."
"Maybe old man Frederick knows something," I suggested.
"Did that gay old man talk to you?" Travis asked.
"Ya," I answered truthfully," He also made a move on me."
"He did that to me too," Travis said rolling his eyes," He got a smack for that."
"I ran," I said with a smile.
"I think we should visit the lower level," Travis said in a planning and cunning voice.
"Frederick said it was burnt and blown up," I reported the facts.
"That was a rumour," answered Travis," The creatures got through the elevator last night. So in other words there must be an access down there."
"I believe your forgetting one thing," I added," There're blood thirsty things that live deep down there!"
"You're right," Travis said," Then we'll have to build a team."

The rest of the hour we talked about people who would come with us. We came up with James, Mr. Frederick, a geologist from the 3rd floor and the police chief.
Then Travis looked at his watch and almost sent his chair to the floor.
"Look at the time," he said holding the chair," I must go Mark, see you later."
"Ok," I said and walked him to the door where I shook his hand and said good-bye to him and watched him get home.

In the next couple of weeks whispers went around BioRazer HQ.
I heard, "Is he serious, he's nuts, I hope it works, and an end to this nightmare."

Then one Saturday morning, in June, there came a knock at my door.
"Hey Mark," said Travis as I opened the door.
"Hey Travis," I said in my plaid pajama bottoms barely awake at 8:30.
"I've got the team together and more joined," he said enthusiastically, nearly jumping on the spot," Ready for training?"
My mouth dropped," The team is all together?"
I was stunned,” What team?"
Scott gave me a confused look and said," You put the team together to go and find the leader of the Fog Creatures."
"Ohh," I said feeling like a dizits.
"Yep," He said with a smile," You coming to learn basic cave spunking skills?"
I carefully thought it over then decided I could make a difference here. Even if I died I'd be remembered as a hero.
"Sure," I answered with a smile.
"Great, I’ll be back in a few minutes," Travis said," Wear something comfortable."
"I will," I answered and with that Travis went walking towards Mr. Frederick's shady house.
I quickly had a banana and a fruit bar and then flew down the stairs and changed into a gray t-shirt and black sweat pants, then once more up the stairs and bushed my teeth and hair. As I came down the stairs came a knock at the door, it was Travis again, so I grabbed my shoes and jumped into his red car.

It was a 30 minute journey to the cave mouth, there was a few cop cars there, 4 trucks and 3 cars already there. We stepped out and received a cheer from the group of 25 or so infornt of us on a bit of hill.
"Glad you made it," said the large policeman with the black hair.
"Hello Chief," said Travis and we walked and joined the group," Did we miss much?"
"Nope," the Chief answered with a smile," just saying hi."
"Good," Answered Ian.
"Ok," begun the Chief," we're going to start you off on basic climbing, getting use to cave terrain and then we'll go for the ropes and teach you how to use the guns."
"Fun," I said under my breath.
"While your in this team you must be safe and know where everyone is so you don't shoot them," said the Police Chief," Now Mr. Frederick could you come up here and tell what were up against tomorrow?"
"Of course," said the tubby man beside me and he waddled up. Ian talked about what they looked like and what they could do to you; this scared a few people but only for a second.
"Thank you Mr. Frederick," said the Chief," now lets get started."
With that everyone lined up and was suited up with uniforms that looked liked they were for the SWAT force. They were black with some gray metal elbow and kneepads with a metal layer around the waist, chest and groin. It took a bit for us to get us to our new costumes. Then they gave up our helmets with a visor with a radio and flashlight built in.

The team was guided the Police Officers and they set up a small course in the entrance of the cave, just for us to get use of the outfits. While entering the cave I slipped and landed on my back, Travis stood over me with a huge smile holding in the laughter. The first part of the course was easy: walking on big rocks and on unstable terrain. The second part was climbing the wall back up. Mr. Frederick had a bit of problems while I excelled at it. Once back at the cave mouth it was break time and we were feed thanks to the local restaurants.

After lunch we were split up into 4 groups and sent to a station where we learnt to hold, set up, load and fire our drat guns. The guns looked like AK-47s, but they held 5 darts per round, the real darts we had were not loaded.
"When we go in tomorrow, they will be loaded with lethal injections of rat poisons," said the Chief in the sun smiling down on the 6 of us in the group.
I spent 2 hours learning how to handle the dart gun and how to shoot correctly.

At 7 o'clock we decided to call it a night. After a quick bulletin we headed to the car.
"That was a fun day," said Mr. Frederick with a bit of a hop in his step.
"It was," I said getting in behind the wheel of the car.
"And to think tomorrow will have even more fun," said Travis with a smile in the back seat.
I started up the car as the sun set behind the mountain.
We began our decent from the mountain, the second to last to leave.
"Hey what's that?" Travis said looking back.
I looked into the back mirror to see mist seeping out of the cave mouth.
"Oh shit," I cursed.
"Becareful Mark," warned Ian," We don't want to kill ourselves."
"Then what do we do?" I asked feeling a little nervous.
"Ian," said Travis still looking behind to see the fog was quickly coming down the mountain," There's a shotgun under your seat, can you get it out, and the hand gun."
The fog crept closer and I could see a few Fog Creatures movements in the mist.
"Hurry," I said taking a corner," Their coming fast. A shotgun under the driver seat?! What the hell!"
"I see them," Travis said loading the shotgun as Ian got the pistol ready.
A huge boom went off and a loud shriek filled the air.
"What was that?!" I asked trying to keep my eyes on the road.
"The car behind us," Travis answered," they're gone."
"Damn," I said in a bit of anger. I looked into the review mirror and saw the fog was just meters away from the car.
"How much time?" I asked Mr. Frederick.
"Ah," he said then BANG.
I looked forward to see a Fog Creature on the front hood of the car.
Ian shot through the glass and he fell off to the right, I turned on the window wipers to wash off the blood.
Travis fired a round at the fog, a piecing wail filled the air, a bump came from the roof of the car.
Ian shot the roof of the car and a body fell onto the road behind us.
"Anouther 2 mins," I said as I remembered passing the yellow sign on my left.
"Good," Travis said firing anouther round," Because they're mad!"
"I haven't felt this alive since this afternoon!" shouted Ian as he shot anouther one off the front of the car giving the windshield anouther hole.
"Mark!" shouted Travis," your side!"
I looked over to see the fur covered face with black spiked hair and red glowing eyes staring back at me.
"Sit back," Ian shouted and I pressed the button and the seat went back a bit, Ian shot and nailed the creature between the eyes.
"Thanks," I said sitting back up, I turned the corner again and we were on flat land and away from the mountain and I speed up and drove home.

"What a rush," I said getting out of the car.
"Yes it was," Travis said looking over his now bullet holed, scratched up car.
We walked around the car and saw that the back was full of scratches and marks, the license plate had fallen off somewhere.
"Does the insurance cover cars?" I asked running my finger in one of the scratch marks.
"Yep," Travis answered examining the car.
"That's good," said Ian," you boys best get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow."
With that the tubby man waddled back to his house.
"Ya," I said looking at Travis," I best go home and get some sleep too, see ya."
"Ya, see ya tomorrow," Travis said as he waved goodnight.

The next day arrived and I woke up at 7 and was dressed comfortably and Travis came knocking on the door at 7:45. After a quick hello and getting Mr. Frederick we set up the mountain in the bullet holed, Fog Creature scratched car.
"Are you nervous?" asked Mr. Frederick putting his hand on my shoulder.
"A bit," I answered looking back to see the pleasant face of the old man.
"It's ok son," He answered," You're making a difference, a big one. No one has ever came up with this idea, so you'll go down in the town's history for it."
"And if my plan fails?" I asked.
"Then you'd still go down because you tried," He answered with a smile then sat back.
We arrived at the cave mouth and our suits were they’re waiting for us. By the time we had our tin uniform on the rest of the team had arrived. We told the tale of our chase and solved the accident that we passed coming up, left by the last car to leave.
Within 10 mins everyone was suited up and the Chief was giving a speech.
"So today is the day we end this," he said in a loud voice in his outfit," Today we end the threat of the Creatures and bring hope back to Greenton."
There came a cheer from the team.
"Now for the man who came up with the idea," said the tubby chief," Mark Welton!"
I almost fainted. Anouther cheer from the crowd. Travis with his friendly smile pushed me forward and I stood next to the Chief and felt pretty small.
"Uh..um.. ," I began," thanks, um, we must try to stop this evil, and if we die we'll go down being heroes, remember to be careful and Fight For the Future!"
The crowd cheered," F-F-F!"
With the feeling of accomplishment I stepped down to my former standing place.
The Chief once again began to talk, this time about the objective: To find Scott Callionson.

"We don't know what all this time has done to him so becareful," Commanded the Chief," Remember to stay close and keep in contact with Until 2."
"Unit 2?" I asked turning towards Travis.
"Unit 2 is the SWAT team from Verious," Travis answered referring to the team from the closest town next to Greenton," Since there are 2 main tunnels we'll divide in 2, 23 in each team."
"Good," I reasoned fearing the worse.
"Now lets divide and conquered," said the Chief," Unit 1 to my right, 2 to my left."
The crowed separated and I looked over to the bigger and stronger looking Unit 2.
"Let's go team," said the Chief infornt of us holding his drat gun above his head.
As we passed the communication team we were handed our drat guns.
We entered the cool cave were the training area was still set up, in the back of the room was 2 large tunnels, Unit 2 took the right, we took the left. The last person behind us held a large lightweight tube behind them.
"What's that for?" I asked the Chief pointing to the tube.
"Air supply," said the Chief,” We’re going to pump air into the cave, just in case. We'll drop it within 5 minutes or so."

We walked for 20 mins going deeper and deeper into the earth. We passed a few bats, a few pools that held fish that glowed in the dark. And all the way I heard a hissing noise, I soon saw the young cop spray painting arrows from the way we were coming.
"A smart idea," I said.
"I know," said the young cop agreeing," We're also mapping the cave for future business."
"Even smarter," I answered.
"Yep," he said with a smile and we continued our journey to the center of the earth.

We came to a cliff and we had to go down. It was about 70 foot drop. The first sub-team went, then the second, that included myself, the Chief and Travis. The 3rd group took the longest thanks to Mr. Frederick weighing so much.
Once down I turned and saw a pair of glowing red eyes down the tunnel.
"We've been spotted," I said calmly to the Chief who was standing behind me.
"I know," He responded," They've been following us for 5 minutes. If they attack then we'll act, so keep your guard up and don't waste your ammo."
"Right," I said nodded and the unit moved forward once again.

Soon it was noon and we had come to an underground lake. A single ray of light entered the cavern from a small hole in the roof of the cave. We soon begun debating that the lake in front of us was the one that probably feed the water for the entire town. We sat down and opened our light lunches. The lunch had a great joke telling session that made us feel great and happy being deep underground.
We collected our garbage and set out again following the lake in the giant room. We soon heard the roaring sound of water and we spotted the river coming from the lake. A chill went up my spine. The river was powerful and looked rough so we followed it down on its path.

Soon the water got louder and we were soon at the edge of anouther cliff. Looking down we saw where the wall was replaced from the lowest level of BioRazer. Everyone was shocked and stunned for a moment then the Chiefs radio picked up.
"Sir, there’s red eyes all around us!" came the radio from Unit 2.
"Shoot them!" Commanded the Chief talking into his radio.
"There must be 4 dozen here!" came the voice followed by a screams and shrieks and gun shots.
"Keep on them," Shouted the Chief," Fight dirty if you must."

We stood there listening to the sounds of the other unit as they were killed.
"Sorry sir, we failed."
The radio transmission ended with the sound of a shriek and the sound of flesh being ripped off.
"My god," said a blond woman in the back.
"Don't worry," said the Chief," Knowing them they must have took out most of them there. And also they're on the other side of the cave, so we're fine for now. But stay alert, no telling how fast they can move down here."
"Do we go down the water fall?" asked the young cop.
"Of course," answered the Chief adjusting his weight.

We all planted our spikes into the earth and traveled down the 80 foot cliff, as we reach the 40 foot part, everyone was on a rope and Travis said," Why is the water boiling?"
I looked down to see bubbles in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall.
Then at the 30 foot height the unthinkable happened. The water burst and Fog Creatures came jumping at us. The Chief and the young cop were taken first, and then the next round was Travis, Mr. Frederick and I. The wet body grasped me and with it's claw fingers cut the wire and pushed towards the water. The warm breath smelt like stale air and was very moist. We fell quickly into the water and the Creature held onto me tight and swam quickly underwater and under the waterfall and into an underwater tunnel.

Ahead I could see the Chief being held by a large Fog Creature. After a few seconds we surfaced in a small room that looked hollowed out. There were torches hanging on the walls and a door where we were being brought through.
I struggled to get free but my captor was strong and held on tight. I could see the others trying hard. There were a few other Creatures in the tunnel hallway making light squeaks; I figure it's their mode of communication.
We were thrown down in a room with carpet. I looked to see James, Travis, the Chief, the young cop, Mr. Frederick and a female cop.
"Remove their helmets," came a voice followed by a light raspy repeat scream of world helmet.
The Creatures obeyed the voice and ripped off our helmets exposing my bad helmet hair.
"Welcome to my home," said the voice again and the light scream of home.
"Who are you?!" demanded the Chief.
"SILENCE!" Came the voice in a loud tone from behind a rock wall, the chief was surrounded by 3 Creatures.
Fear was in all of our faces, mostly the young cop and the Chief.
"You must be polite in the present of a master of a specie," came the voice followed by the repeat of the last word.
"I remember that voice," said Mr. Frederick thinking to himself.
"You should!"
"Is that you, Callionson?" asked Mr. Frederick looking up.
Then from behind the rock came a hand of a Fog Creature followed by a strange body of part man, part Creature, half of his face was that of a man and half of the Creature. The head had red iris and scares all over his face. He wore ripped clothes and his eye on his Creature side glowed green.
"Good choice old man," he grinned and the last word was repeated by the eerie scream.
"What happened to you?" asked Travis shocked.
"The same thing what happened to them," he said pointing to the Fog Creatures behind us.
"Then why are you half human, half other?" I asked.
"You're a curious man Mark Welton," Scott said with the eerie scream even more evil.
"Was it because it spilt on you?" I questioned.
"No," he said once again the scream," That wasn't it."
"I know," said Travis calmly," I was looking into your file and I saw you didn't wear safety gloves because they were all common elements and couldn't hurt you. So all of the elements of your product got into you and your genes got into the product."
"Very wise," said Scott Callionson walking back and foreword in front of us.
"So now when the experiment smashed on the floor it didn't effect you completely and you gained control of the army of people you worked with, genius," Travis added.
"I thank you," He said walking closer to Travis and cutting a piece of his hair with his long claws.
Travis nodded.
"What do you have planned for us?" asked The Chief with no Creatures around him anymore.
"Simple," Callionson said in an evil tone, "Mate with my creatures."
We gasped.
"Yep," Callionson said," As soon as we catch the other 3 girls in the group we'll set you up for mating."
"So when you die they can think on their own," I put together.
"You're a wise man," said Callionson," Take them to the rooms."
The Fog Creatures drew close then the Chief called out," Seconds!"
I pulled out my handgun from my under my metal chest plate and began to shoot the Fog Creatures with the others.
"AHHHH!" Callionson shouted as if he felt the pain too.
"Take that!" Travis shouted as he shot the last one.
"I'm out," I called.
"Me too," said Ian looking at his gun.
"Pup, Get the doors," Commanded the Chief to the younger Cop," Now for you Callionson."
He stood ready to pounce.
"You can't win," Mr. Frederick said.
"Really," Scott said then came a pounding at the door and the ear piercing screams.
"Make them stop!" Commanded James pointing his gun.
"Why?" Scott asked," You have no bullets left and you can't stop my link to them."
"I can," said the young cop behind him. He shot the gun and blow open Callionson's head.

All went silent.

No shrieks.

No clawing at the door.

The small hole in Scott's head begun to bleed and Scott slowly raised his hand and touched his forehead. He slowly lowered his hand and saw the blood and fell to the ground.
"Are you their Sir?" came the radio from a helmet on the ground.
The Chief waddled over to it and picked it up and said," Yeah, who is this?"
"Unit 1 seconded in command, Jim," came the radio.
"What happened?" The chief asked puzzled.
"We were getting attacked then all of a sudden the Creatures ran off into the dark."
"I wonder where they went?" asked the young cop still holding his gun.
"I don't want to find out," said Mr. Frederick," take a pic of the body and lets get out of here."

A New Day

"Yesterday the town of Greenton suffered 26 deaths and an end to a mystery clouding the city," came the voice of a reporter at the cave entrance.
"It's on honey!" Travis said calling his wife.
I sat in a blue chair in Travis's living room watching the 32 inch TV with a pop in my hand.
"Here's the body!" said the reporter pointing towards the group of people bringing out a body in the usual black plastic bag.
"Captain!" Shouted the Reporter towards the Police chief.
"Yes," turned the Chief towards the camera looking a little surprised.
"What happened here?" asked the reporter as the camera got a close up on the body.
"An end to a nightmare spanning 12 years," he said with a smile.
"What caused all of this evil?" asked the reporter.
"A spill at BioRazer, inside their building," said the Chief," Sorry, I can't say much more."
"Who put a stop to this nightmare?" asked the reporter.
"It was a team effort, but who killed the leader of the Creatures was my buddy Clay," The Chief said holding the young cop under his arm.
Clay smiled for the camera.
"Can we get an interview with him?" asked the reporter.
"Not now," said the Chief hold up his hands," No more comments."
"Please," protested the reporter.
"Like the man said," responded Clay," No."
"We'll be back with a review of yesterday's events," said the reporter.
"Hey look at the time," I said looking at my watch," I must get home and go to bed."
"Yeah, your right," responded Travis checking the clock on the wall," It is 10:14."
"I'll see you tomorrow." I said standing up and making my way to the door.
"See ya," said Sofia and Travis.

I walked out to the warm air and the moon was full above the tree filled sky. Down the road was a light mist of a fog. Then a howl filled the sky and shook my bones.
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