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Another entry in the life that is mine......
She tumbles and falls through the air her eyes closed. Suddenly her descent is brought up short. Blinking she opens her eyes and looks around her. She was dangling above the abyess just hanging in midair, yet nothing visable seemed to be holding her in place.

She looked up to the precipe from where she fell, amazingly enough it wasn't that far out of reach and there standing was a man...

Maybe he was here to save her from herself?

Her descent had been halted that is for sure, yet she had stopped moving altogether, unable to go up, at least for the time being. Yet unwilling to abandon the call of sweet release beckoning to her as well.

Prehaps the man above would help.....

Turning her head and straining her eyes she watches him. He was of medium height and build with brown hair. His face held no expression whatsoever as he looked down at her inert form dangling precariously over the edge of the world.

She watches him carefully. Noticing the way he stands, as if the weight of the whole world was upon his shoulders. His eyes how sad they seem..as if the abyess was calling to him as well. Surely he couldn't hear that unworldy cry, or could he?

Suddenly he jumps following the same path through the textureless air she only moments before had taken. What was this? He couldn't fall.....

Her eyes look at him in shocked surprise when she sees him fall past her. She knew him!

This wasn't what he was supposed to do.............he was supposed to save her......

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/372807