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by Sophy
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SLAM!ME Round 11 Entry - about a vacation cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
Northwoods Summer

If I close my eyes
and imagine ...

I can smell the rich
earthy scent
of pine and soil.
I can almost feel myself
lying in the hammock
rocking gently
to the rhythm of birdsong
and squirrel chatter -
resting my mind
letting the magic
of the borderlands enfold me
as the buzz of hummingbirds
darting in and out like fairies
lulls me to sleep.
         Be at rest
         be at one
         with all there is.
         Be at rest.

Cool breezes
rustle through the trees
nature's music -
soothing my soul
as my ears strain
for the loon song
welcoming us back.

Water laps
against the dock
gently rocking the canoe
inviting us to take a sunset cruise.

Gliding across glass
the surface only disturbed
by the gentle stroke
of our paddles
and a few insects
dancing on the surface -
while fish jump
hoping for an early dinner.
Our eyes are peeled
watching for otters
at the mouth of the creek
that feeds the lake
or deer getting a drink
at the water's edge.

We pause
totally quiet
paddles at rest
as we hold our breath
and watch the sun disappear
over the western tree-line.
The sky is so pink
it is blinding
the air is so still
it is deafening.
         It's all we can do
         not to applaud!

We are only brought back
by the splash
of a large bass.

* * * * *

If I close my eyes
and imagine ...
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