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Think there's only 4 teletubbie's? nope guess again, this is my teletubbie flipsy
This is one of the best things I've done. For an 8th grade art project we had to create our own comic. and this one was mine complete with illustrations. but the original is hiding in my bedroom. so this will have to do. Enjoy

          In the beginning there were 7 teletubbies. The four you know of Po, Tinky Winkie, La-La, and Dipsy. But there were three others as well. Flipsy(black), Mojo(orange), and Kiki(blue). We're not going to get into them though, this story is focused on Flipsy.

          Flipsy was originally found behind a bar going through toxic waste(yum). The people that found him wanted him on a new show they started called the Teletubbies. Flipsy was poor so he agreed.

          Flipsy had never quite recovered from the toxic waste though, the toxic fumes went to his head and made him flip out. He shot and killed Mojo and Kiki with a sawed off shot gun.

          Flipsy was then commited into a mental institution where he received lots and lots of shock therapy.

          He then broke out of the looney bin and kidnapped La-La, tying her up in an abandoned warehouse making her listen to "Mr. Brownstone" by Guns N' Roses over and over again. Unfortunately Flipsy was recaptured and put into rehabilitation. When the government felt it was safe for him to go back into society he became a wannabe Gideonite and places Archie comics in hotel rooms.

The End........(or is it?)
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