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A Bored Teddy Bear gets more then he wanted in this little story.
There was a little brown, stuffed Teddy Bear named Timmy who belonged to a little boy named Jason. Timmy was tired of sitting on Jason's bed all day and night. Sometimes, Jason would put Timmy on the shelf next to Freddy the Frog and Joe, the stuffed Zebra. Freddy and Joe were Timmy's friends. One night when Jason was sleeping, Timmy climbed out of bed and got into Jason's big, red toy car.

"What are you doing?" yelled Freddy.

"Quiet! Timmy said in a low voice. "I am bored and I'm leaving! I am going to drive this car. Humans drive cars all the time."

"Not without us! We want to get away, too. I hope you know what you are doing." Joe and Freddy were so ready to leave with Timmy. Timmy whispered to himself he hoped he knew what he was doing, too.

"Joe and Freddy jumped off the self and got in the car with Timmy. Timmy put the car in gear and the car flew down the stairs. Timmy, Joe and Freddy all yelled"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" The car landed at the foot of the stairs and headed straight through the doggy doors then outside they went! Lucky, the golden Lab dog, chased and barked at them. Our three friends went through the cow pasture and hit a mud puddle. Lucky got all wet and muddy and stopped chasing the car .Bessie, the cow, got wet and muddy as well. She mooed then called out "Why aren't you boys in bed?"

Timmy got the car out of the mud puddle and then he crashed into a tree. Timmy was thrown from the car. His ear was torn. Freddy had a torn foot. Joe's tail was hanging by a thread. Cindy, the Calico Cat, came running up to them. "You poor guys! You're hurt! What can I do to help?"

Timmy spoke up. "Get us back to the house."

"You dumb bear. I hope you had fun! Look at my poor tail." exclaimed Joe.

"I'm sorry. You could have stayed on the shelf." Timmy hung his head in shame. Cindy carried our friends on her back, one at a time, back to the house. She even took them back to Jason's room.

Freddy and Joe climbed back on the shelf. Timmy got back into bed with Jason.

The next morning when Jason got up, he couldn't understand what had happened to his stuffed animal friends. Jason patched them up. He realized his toy car was gone. Jason thought his stuffed friends must have taken the car out but Jason wasn't going to tell any one. Who would believe him? Did stuffed animals have feelings and come to life? Jason shook his head.

Timmy, Freddy and Joe never snuck out again. Jason let the trio watch TV with him and spent time playing with them.Timmy felt happy, loved and was never bored again. Jason didn't mean to ignore his plushie friends. He thought he had outgrown them but he hadn't. He let his plushie friends know he would always love them no matter what. Timmy, Freddy and Joe were the happiest stuffed animals in the world.

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