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A battle between Good and Evil! Who will win?
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The game had gone on for hours now. Good moved his white Rook to kill Evil's black Knight.
Evil looked hard at the Chess board. Every time Evil tried to kill Good's King he got out of it.
Good and Evil had been fighting for the longest time. And every time Evil tried one of his tricks, Good conquered.
Fed up, Evil said to Good, "Let's settle this in a game of Chess. If you win I'll leave you alone. Never to bother you again. But, if I win you will leave me be and let me do what I want."
So now hours later, The game was heating up. The whole time Good never spoke. Not one word, while Evil taunted him about losing.
Now Good's turn. And for the first time since they started the game, Good spoke. He said, "You know, Evil, you have been taunting me ever since we started this game of Chess. I'm sick of listening to you. And I sick of what you do for a living. You've tried to trick me every way you know how to. But now that I'm sick and tired of you, I have 2 words for you."
"And they are?" Evil said with a grin on his face.
Good smiled and said, "Check Mate!"

         Good will always win!
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