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The October 1st edition of the UnOfficial Christian Newsletter
Table of Contents:

1) Letter from the Editor
2) Bible Study (or something similar)
3) Links and other things of interest
4) Prayer Requests

Letter from the Editor:

Greetings! Hi, my name is Cat Saxon and I am a co-editor with Wes Roach and McKinley Rose, for this newsletter. I’ve been with Writing.Com since April 9, 2002 and I can sincerely say that this has been a wonderful blessing and opportunity to meet so many outstanding authors of all ages! I’m a 53 yr. Young! Mother of four and grandmother of four!
I will never be old, just Mature! Lol Nasty word Old! I like the word Elder, implies wisdom! Well, I can try! There is a young spirit and heart lurking about here, so look out! If you are expecting some sober, can’t cross the generation gap mature person…. She is not here! My children and grandchildren keep me young and mirthful! “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!” Dr. Jesus knows His stuff!
I believe that you can have fun with God’s people and God certainly has a sense of humor as he created Me! Soooo:

How Do I Love Thee?

There is an author here in Writing.Com that has my attention! He is well known, writes eloquently with a flow to His words that are unsurpassed. His stories are incredible and filled with love! He has written many books and is published all over the world. He has been around Stories for sometime now. He even encouraged the Storymaster/Storymistress to create Writing.Com! He is soooooo encouraging and supportive! I have never met anyone quite like Him, as He is the kindest person I have ever met. He loves unconditionally, and is a very generous person. He even loves me, clay feet and all! He makes Superman look tame and boring, the X-Men with their special affects, look like a comedy act next to His special affects! His genre? Oh my, He is very diverse! Action/Drama for sure! Comedy is His specialty, so is Romance/Love. Medical, Health, Spirituality, Religion, Children, Women’s Issues, Inspirational, Sports, Farming, Food, ( He should be made a Food Editor here!) Legal, and gosh I don’t think there is anything He hasn’t written on! This is one highly intelligent MALE! Really! He could be a brain surgeon! Ummm, well he is a brain surgeon! He has multiple PhD’s, spends a great deal of time in hospitals, nursing homes, private duty care, and boy is He great with kids! Women adore Him and flock to his door constantly! Men look up to Him as He has the most awesome leadership skills! He is a man’s man, and a woman’s man. He has so much wisdom and sensitivity to heart issues, life issues. I don’t think there is anything that He can’t do! Awesome! He is without a doubt the most beautiful MALE I have ever had the good fortune to meet and get to know! Who is this person?


Bible Study:

Gottcha! *Smile* Today’s issue is on God, His personality, character, and most of all His wonderful examples of “Love” in all love's many forms and relationships! There are many scriptures that tell us about God and His personality. There are many scriptures that teach us about Him and give examples of His heart. My all time favorite is what God says love is: 1st Corinthians- 13:4-8

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail. Love is eternal.

So where am I going with this? I look at today’s Christians in many walks of faith and denominations and I see the love of God in so many people. I see His character of hope, justice, mercy, strength, honor, dignity and so much more that the list of these Godly attributes would fill this page. Most of all I see His love in His people. It is written that the world would know His people by the love they have for one another. “How do I love thee?” I love thee with a Godly love from everlasting to everlasting.

We are family. Regardless of the denomination, Jesus is Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit for us all. It thrills me that we can come together in one accord and love God as one body, the body of Christ. In this day and age the family and particularly the Christian family is under heavy assault from the enemy of our soul! We are deluged by harassment and hindering from every side! We are persecuted for the Word’s sake because we are His. The enemy knows each of us for the light we bear within us from the moment we met Christ for the first time, for REAL! The enemy has tried to keep us divided over religious and spiritual differences, it did not work! He has tried to sucker us into religious debates! It did not work! He has tried to keep us separated by diverse means and distance! It did not work! Why? …? ?

LOVE! God’s

Love never fails. His love. We are family. Regardless of the “title of denomination” those of us who are “born again” into the Kingdom of God are family. If I am your sister in Christ, then that makes your kids my nieces and nephews! Hello! This is how God wants us to think about each other,… with genuine love and affection!

If I speak with the tongues of angels and of men, and I have not love, I am no more then a sounding brass and a noisy cymbal. I am nothing. Real love. Not this religious, legalistic, fake love that the Church could get sucked into if we allowed it! NO! Pharasitic! A “Cat” word! I will not be a Pharisee! Cold, like a dead man’s tomb! God said to be HOT for Him or COLD for Him, but those who are lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth! This is how we are to be for one another! Hot!

Committed, loyal, trustworthy, loving, affectionate, honorable, respectful, esteeming one another higher then one’s own self! In our own strength we fail. We have God, let us lean on and depend on His strength! Today, I make a commitment to you who are called by His name to love you, as is. Unconditionally! I do not care what your age is, color, gender, or anything else that is superficial, you are family!

Your burdens are my burdens, when you laugh and rejoice then so do I. When you weep for a season, so do I! Love beareth all things, believes all things (possible) hopes all things! It is my fervent hope that you “catch the vision” that in these latter days it is imperative that the Church come together in one accord, loving one another as thine own self. Let the world see that we are His by the love we have for one another! Let the love of Christ Jesus shine in you in every way.

We can improve in this most important area of our lives! Aggressively study to find out what it is that we need to change in our lives that is less loving. Ask the Holy Spirit to turn His search light on in our hearts and show us if there is iniquity within us! If so then let us come out of the denial of our sin, and confess that sin, that we may be set free of it, and keep on walking! Walking in love.

How can we lead a lost nation to the Lord, without first cleaning up our act and how we deal with one another in love? If you were lost and all you saw was a large group of “Christians” demeaning each other over doctrinal issues and not be able to come together in love and loving kindness, would you want to be a Christian? No we would not! We sometimes behave no different then the world. We have been called to be a peculiar people! Different! Be in the world but not of it! The world’s view is tainted by the enemy, Hollywood, the tv, the radio, and by individuals who have truly become Hedonistic.

If we have a love problem, we have a “heart” condition that needs Dr. Jesus to come in and DO SURGERY! LOL

I will close with this last thought, “How do I love thee?” Let me find the ways. Teach me oh Lord thy ways and let them be mine. Burn, engrave Your Word in my heart as a living flame! Let not my heart ever grow cold because of the troubles and calamities of this world. Remind me oh Lord that You have overcome this world and to be of good cheer for we have the Victory in You. Let us truly love one another even unto death. Amen, and Amen. So be it.

Catherine Saxon, Your Sister in Christ!

This week I challenge you to find every scripture that speaks of love. How to love your neighbor, your children, your spouse, your God and just Do it! Be doers of the Word! Find out how to be creative lovers of God, by being creative lovers of your family, friends, and most of all the Lost! Let His character, honor, integrity, and Love reign in our hearts.

Links and other things of interest:

Below I have found some items that have blessed me and I feel will bless you! There are many ways to love the people in our life.
I was looking in the genre for some authors writings in Stories that fit this article and look who I found straight up! LOL perfect!

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This is a poem I came across while I was reading an anthology. It is a beautiful poem. Enjoy!

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McKinley Rose’s story of love and miracles! How a family is reunited and love heals all wounds! I love this story!

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May we all leave a legacy of love behind us! How one woman made an impression on her granddaughter that stayed with her through the adult years. This is a precious tribute of love. (Cat!)

 To Gigi, With Love  (E)
Gigi passed away 7 yrs. ago. She was the greatest woman I've ever known.
#471087 by Mckinley Rose

and something written by moi!

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Prayer request I have received!

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well!

I have a prayer request. An online friend of mine, Nikki, just found out that there's the possibility that her mom has ovarian cancer, the results won't come in until Wednesday. She's real scared, and just please pray that she will be comforted, as well as her mother and father. To give them a peace until Monday, and that if her mom does have this cancer, pray for strength for this family.

I appreciate all your support and prayers. If you wish to let her know you are praying for her, her AIM is pinkfluffyhats, and her e-mail address nikitsuki@hotmail.com . She knows I am mailing this group for the prayer request, but I believe she'd be comforted by any of your words of support.

Maybe we could send her an e-card from the group as a whole?

*many hugs and God bless*

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