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by Harry
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Political · #546506
The aftermath of release of a viral bioterrorism agent.....a long free verse poem.
Without any warning, the deadly
virus had spread like wildfire
throughout the entire nation.
Beginning simultaneously in six
major cities from coast to
coast, several hundred thousands
had fallen deathly ill within
the first week. Almost all of these
infected had died. They died a very
painful, horrible death with high
fevers, skin lesions, internal bleeding,
then organ failure.

Within the first few weeks,
the supply of all anti-viral antibiotics
was exhausted, all the hospitals
were filled to overflowing, and
public services began failing. Still
the epidemic spread until soon many
millions were dead and dying. The dead
filled the streets. The Armed Forces
took over the management of all cities,
trying desperately to maintain order,
to cleanse the cities with giant
bonfires of the decaying corpses.

Then the armies became decimated
and leaderless. All governments
collapsed, commerce ended, great
panic ensued, followed by lawlessness.
The nation was consumed totally by
anarchy, chaos, and untold violence.
No one, no place was spared the deadly
consequences of this modern-day scourge.

Before its final broadcast, the last TV
station reported that this conquering
virus had spread throughout the world
wreaking similar havoc everywhere,
with no country known to have been
spared. It was the end of all human
civilization as we had known it.
The few pathetic survivors now
lived in armed packs, scrounging
among the abandoned stores and houses,
while the once great cities lay in eerie
silence, filled with complete emptiness.
Thus it was worldwide. All humans now
thrown back to a barbaric existence
as warlike tribes of foragers and hunters,
scared of any strangers encountered
who might be carrying the disease,
so were worthy of being shot on sight.

For what it was worth, the last TV report
had explained the downfall of Mankind.
It seems that the Russian Army had
genetically engineered a new agent
for biological warfare, a new form of
chimeric virus that had the outer coat
of the influenza virus but with the
genome of the most fatal Ebola virus.
Not satisfied with their new toy, these
virologists had done further, more deadly
biomanipulations to augment their virus'
infectivity and lethality. Hopefully,
these scientists died proud of themselves
for having constructed this perfect killer.

But maybe it was really the deposed Russian
bureaucrats, desperate for their personal
well-being upon the dissolution of the
former Soviet Union, who had sold the virus
to Muslim terrorists for money enough to
last their lifetimes, that should be held
accountable for the end of Man. No, no, the
terrorists themselves must carry this
condemnation all alone. In their eagerness
to hurt America, they killed themselves as
well, they killed all their own relatives,
all their fellow Muslims. They successfully
killed the whole world ...

Well, not totally. The last computer model
had predicted that precisely 1.142 percent
of Mankind should survive. These pitiful
few survivors now each and every day do
curse those damned molecular virologists,
curse those selfish Russian bureaucrats,
curse those despicable Arab terrorists,
curse the utter stupidity of Man!!

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